The 7 most intense interrogations in video games

When players encounter enemies in video games, the first instinct is to kill them. This is often how people win the game, but some situations require a little more finesse. Heroes occasionally need information on where to go next. Interrogating enemies can help them gain that information.

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Certain titles allow players to participate in that process. They extract information from enemies in intense mini-games, often employing painful methods bordering on sadism. Therefore, these sequences are sometimes more disturbing than the typical virtual violence. At least in combat, targets are shooting.


7 Informant Interrogations – The Batman: Arkham Series

Although terrifying interrogations are a staple of Batman, they aren’t actually included in the game until arkham city. When the Dark Knight sees a Riddler informer amongst a group of thugs, he is able to eliminate everyone around said informer before he has them at his mercy. He most often lifts the offender by the neck or holds him in other compromising positions. Once the Caped Crusader gets the information, he viciously beats the informant with a bone-shattering blow. All subsequent games contain this mechanic, but it goes further in the conclusion of the series.

Searching for the eponymous Arkham Knight, Batman pins one of the villain’s henchmen to the ground. He then calls his car and backs it slowly over the guy’s head. The image is extreme enough, but the screams of the man and the hero yelling at him make it all the more shocking as it shows that Batman really does lose his cool. The only way to make this more brutal would be if players could crush the poor fool’s skull, but that violates the Dark Knight code.

6 Menacing the Butcher – Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Much of modern warfare is about fighting terrorists, and this Obligations The reboot of a reboot sees the SAS capture one of their figureheads: “The Butcher”. This sets the stage for an exercise in psychological torture. The dark room and clandestine atmosphere would be bad enough, but it gets more twisted when the Butcher’s family walks in.

Players can turn their anger on him or his wife and child. Pointing the gun at either party elicits emotional pleas from everyone involved. True, the gun is empty, but they don’t know that. As if the situation couldn’t get any more volatile, the agents load the revolver, multiplying the bet by six. Even after getting the desired information, fans can still execute the villain. Leaving him alive may seem like mercy, but the Russians pick him up soon after. Like the conflicts it emulates, the setting does not have happy endings.

5 Executions – The Punisher

An even darker superhero than Batman is the Punisher. This Marvel vigilante routinely cuts through the filth of the criminal underworld in retribution for his murdered family and a failed justice system. Players fully embrace that bloodthirsty mantra in the 2004 title based on the Thomas Jane movie.

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Throughout this bonding game, the Punisher pumps thugs for information on their next target. He can injure and eventually kill them using any machine or implement he has at hand. When he turns humans into mincemeat, it’s hard to watch the screen. The Punisher, however, retains his cool calm through it all, making his character more menacing as a result. The fact that such horrible sights don’t put him off shows how scarred he is. Also, he demonstrates the insane creativity of the developers.

4 Suspect Interviews – L.A. Noire

It is logical that a detective story includes interrogations. Protagonist Cole Phelps drags criminals into the station several times throughout L.A. Noire, and is developed in the style of hard capers from the 1940s. This means that it is anything but professional. His associates regularly suggest beating confessions out of suspects, peppering their suggestions with some ethnic or sexist slur. Phelps tries his hand at a civilized appearance, but even he’s not above hurling insults when he’s on to something. All of this inevitably leads to things heating up.

The tension rises to palpable levels, especially for the most serious crimes. This increases the pressure for Phelps to do well. If he fails to read the person correctly or gather the evidence, he could condemn an ​​innocent soul to persecution by corrupt policemen. Suffice to say, that would not look good in the report.

3 Environmental Interrogations – Splinter Cell: Conviction

The interrogation is a recurrent element in the fragmented cell series, but gets a particular focus on Conviction. In an evolution of the Punisher sequences, Sam Fisher must inflict as much pain as necessary to get the goods. Obviously he can go the basic route with his fists, but ambient punches are more entertaining.

Depending on where he is, Fisher can use the world around him to damage his targets. Options range from slamming them into a piano to smashing their heads into the bathroom sink. All of these items are just tools in your toolbox, meaning players will never look at the hero the same way again. Sam Fisher is someone who can create an instrument of torture out of anything, and that makes just being in the same room with him a daunting task.

two By the Book – Grand Theft Auto 5

Raising a new amount of news denouncing the depravity of video games, grand theft auto 5 piles a torture scene on top of all its gleefully offensive content. The main trio of criminals are forced by the government to perform various off-the-record jobs. One of them is to assassinate a terrorist, which involves torturing a poor informant named Ferdinand.

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Unhinged Trevor is lucky enough to inflict pain, and he’s every bit as twisted as you’d expect. Players choose from a variety of instruments such as pliers, jumper cables, and a water tank before attacking the victim. The entire sequence takes shots of torture tactics used in the real war on terror. In it, he is dyed with the GTA The series’ brand of dark humor, thanks in no small part to Trevor’s sarcastic comments and Ferdinand’s petty complaints (such as damaging his perfect teeth). With any luck, players will laugh and cry at the same time.

1 Count Reuven’s Treasure – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Players are not the ones inflicting pain here at this warlock 3 search, at least not directly. To find out where a friend is imprisoned, Geralt and Triss go straight to the witch hunters’ base. The warlock then hands over his sorceress ally to the religious fanatics in exchange for an audience with his leader. Now, he must covertly discover the information he needs while Triss endures torture in the next room. No pressure.

This whole scene is like walking a tightrope. In order to convince the witch hunters and get the answers, Geralt must choose the correct answers throughout the conversation. One wrong step will destroy the facade and shake the entire wasp nest. To make matters worse, hearing Triss’s agonized screams from the other room sapped her resolve. As icing on the cake, spymaster Dijkstra also wants the warlock to determine the location of his treasure. This sequence pulls players in a million different directions at once. Even the smoothest speaker can’t achieve all goals here. It’s just a matter of deciding what compromises to make: always a demoralizing prospect.

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