The 7 Best Small Group Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games have become a staple at parties and gatherings around the world, with multiple fun twists on classic trivia or drawing games. If the energy is running out a bit and you have four to eight people, it’s an easy way to liven things up.

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But, maybe you don’t have a big enough group. Well, Jackbox may still have a few tricks up its sleeve and these games here prove it.


7 The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

The newest game on this list, Party Pack Eight’s The Wheel of Enormous Proportions features an all-knowing wheel that will answer any question the player may have. To receive that answer, you must beat your opponents in various trivia questions, mini-games, and wheel spins.

There’s a lot going on in this game, more so than in other Jackbox trivia games, and that’s why The Wheel of Enormous Proportions is perfect for a smaller crowd that’s really paying attention to what’s going on. Either way, The Wheel Of Enormous Proportions is as fun as its title is.

6 fiber 3

Since the first Jackbox Party Pack, Fibbage has been a standout game that is always a hit at any gathering. Not only do you learn about ridiculous trivia, but coming up with the best lies or just the funniest answer is a real delight. If you loved the previous forms of the game, Fibbage 3 will be more of that glorious nonsense.

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What sets Fibbage 3 apart is the addition of Fibbage Enough About You. It takes the same game format, except the questions are about the players. This is perfect for small groups that really know, or think they know, the people they’re playing with.

5 Zeeple Dome

Zeeple Dome Jackbox Game

Zeeple Dome is probably the most unique game in the Jackbox collection because it looks more like a regular game. While this may have gotten the game criticized by die-hard Jackbox fans, it’s great for some people.

You play as astronauts who have unfortunately been kidnapped to participate in a violent game show called Zeeple Dome.

You use your phone to drag and throw your character at enemies on TV. It’s full of bright colors, big explosions, and utter chaos. Seriously, it’s a lot of fun and can even be played as a single player, although it doesn’t achieve the same amount of chaotic joy.

4 round nonsense

Have you ever tried to describe something, but didn’t have the right words for it? Well, Jackbox has recreated that experience with Party Pack Seven’s wonderful Blather ‘Round game. You have to make people guess something using only the words given to you or said by the other players. It’s immensely frustrating when you fail, but even more satisfying when you succeed.

This is actually fun with just a few people because the aforementioned frustration becomes even stronger when your efforts are only directed at two or three other people. It’s a great time and quick and easy game for smaller congregations.

3 bomb corps

Bomb Corps takes place in an 8-bit office, where you have to go through the normal gibberish related to office work, as well as defusing bombs. Each bomb is a different puzzle that one to four players have to solve together on their phones. What really separates Bomb Corps from any other game on this list is that there is a genuine story mode. You have to survive 15 days working in the office, each with a set of random bombs to defuse.

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And, things get weird. Like, very rare. There’s an alien, a talking dog, a man who gets demoted to the ‘edible fixings division’ and a lot of stuff that shouldn’t blow up, but probably will. It’s a great change of pace from everything else, but if you just want to play endless bomb puzzles, you can do that too.

two you don’t know jack

You Don’t Know Jack may have been the game that started Jackbox’s career, but it’s been grossly underrated ever since the party packs came out. It’s hilarious and fun to watch, but it requires you to really pay attention to what’s going on. Because of this, larger groups tend to get distracted. And they really are missing out.

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Part of the fun of You Don’t Know Jack is trying to figure out exactly what the questions are asking and this is made even better by trying to discuss it with the people around you. Having a small group makes it easier to figure out what the heck is going on. Also, if you’re using the vise to force an opponent to answer a particularly difficult question, it’s much more satisfying to look at directly.

1 murder party trivia

Trivia Murder Party impressed with its third party pack debut. While most of the games have a really bright or sarcastic tone, TMP takes you into a murder house where an augmented voice forces you to engage in brutal trivia and gambling.

While this game can work with up to eight players, it’s just as fun with two or four. While the horror aesthetic helps a lot with this, it’s really the competition and the cliffhanger ending that makes it what it is. And if you love trivia and the ghoulish, but other people don’t, Trivia Murder Party has a single player mode that’s just as fun.

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