The 5 Xbox Game Pass games revealed at Gamescom

With the absence of E3 this year, there has been pressure for the rest of the big industry events to pick up the slack and, for the most part, they have. Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest got off to a good start with its fair share of new game reveals, and managed to continue with Gamescom Opening Night Live, which aired just a few days ago. Alongside some major reveals and highly anticipated new game trailers, Gamescom has also played host to a number of smaller reveals, such as the confirmation that five new games will be released. xbox game pass in the coming months.


Offering an unparalleled amount of video games for one reasonable price, Xbox Game Pass is truly one of the best deals on gaming right now, and Gamescom only cemented this further. Over the course of Gamescom Opening Night Live, as more games were revealed, a small Game Pass title card would occasionally appear as well. When all was said and done, a total of five games were confirmed for Xbox Game Pass, ranging from a highly anticipated Soulslike to a potential Indie favorite.

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lies of p

One of the highlights of Gamescom Opening Night Live also happened to be the biggest Xbox Game Pass confirmation of the night. A Soulslike based on the myth of Pinocchio, lies of p is heading into the first day of Xbox Game Pass when the game launches in 2023. lies of p received an awesome-looking trailer at Gamescom, showcasing the game’s steampunk bosses, morphing weapons, and its upgradable main character. Of all the Pinocchio adaptations coming out right now, lies of p could be the most exciting.

You stink in the parking lot

The brilliant cartoon racing game with a twist, You stink in the parking lotit’s also confirmed to be heading to Game Pass on its unspecified release date of 2022, though it’s only been confirmed for PC Game Pass at this point. You stink in the parking lot is a top-down racer that sees players speed through a course as fast as possible, but make frequent sudden stops, as points are only earned if the player can park in the designated spots along the course. clue. Clashes will be frequent, but that’s all part of You stink in the parking lotThe chaotic charm of .

GRID Legends

Released in February this year, GRID Legends is the latest installment in EA’s long-running racing franchise. GRID Legends is heading to EA Play on September 1, which means those who have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC will be able to download the game at no additional cost. According to reviews, GRID Legends It offers a useful story mode with some exciting racing mechanics, but suffers from a few glitches, though most of these have probably been patched up in the months after release.

crazy streets

A 3D fighting game with Human Fall Planeit’s physics, crazy streets is heading to Xbox Game Pass soon. For those who love chaotic multiplayer experiences like gang beasts, crazy streets It should be the perfect addition to any party game list, even despite some less-than-glowing critical reviews.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Originally released in May of this year, Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a sci-fi salvage simulator that tasks the player with dismantling the wreckage of the spaceship in order to earn enough money to pay off his debt to an evil futuristic corporation. Each wreck acts as its own puzzle, where players must determine the best way to approach the ship and the most effective ways to wreck it. Hardspace: Shipbreaker launches on Xbox Series X/S on September 20, where it will also be the first day game pass title.

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