The 5 most interesting documentaries that will be released in June 2023

With the heat of summer starting to take its toll, streaming platforms are ready to kick off a season of fresh, new documentaries. June 2023 is set to be a captivating month for documentary enthusiasts around the world, as a wave of exciting and intriguing new titles is set to hit screens.

From gripping investigative exposés to intimate character portraits and immersive journeys around the world, upcoming titles bring a wealth of diverse and compelling narratives. These movies promise to entertain, enlighten, and inspire the enthusiast in you. And even if an intense documentary isn’t what you’re normally looking for, these titles are sure to leave a mark with their unique and captivating stories.

Join us as we explore the selection of the most anticipated and exciting documentary titles hitting the screen this June.

our planet II, take care of maya and 3 more exciting documentaries that you cannot miss this month of June

1) arnold

Arnold (Image via Netflix)

arnold is an upcoming biographical docuseries from the house of Netflix, which is preparing for a June release. Allen Hughes has executive produced the series with Lesley Chilcott helming the project as director. The series tells a very interesting and sometimes unbelievable story of a man from the Austrian countryside who came to America and achieved the American dream and more.

Divided into three episodes, the docuseries delves into the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger and divides it into three different phases. Featuring interviews from friends, colleagues, rivals, and Arnold himself, the series paints an intimate picture of the iconic action hero. He chronicles his journey from being a boy with a dream to becoming a bodybuilder, moving to the US and working in Hollywood, becoming Governor of California, and later a philanthropist and activist.

arnold It has already garnered quite a bit of fan attention and will be released on the streaming platform on June 7, 2023.

2) our planet II

Our Planet II (Image via Netflix)

our planet II is an upcoming British nature documentary series to be released on Netflix. Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey return as executive producers, with acclaimed English broadcaster David Attenborough narrating the series. The original soundtrack is composed by Thomas Farnon and Jasha Klebe.

Produced by Silverback Films, the series will have four episodes, scheduled for release on Netflix on June 14, 2023.

Netflix’s official press release gives us what we can expect to witness from the upcoming series.

“At the precise moment you are reading these words, billions of animals across the planet are on the move, migrating over land, sea and air to their intended destinations. Animal migrations are vital survival strategies for feeding, reproducing and find refuge, and their ability to do so is integral to the health and posterity of the planet as a whole.”

Continue talking about how our planet II will explore these events.

“Unfortunately, with the looming dangers of climate change, your journeys are riskier than ever. This challenge to the thousands-of-year legacy of transit is explored in our planet II, stunning new docuseries that capture some of the most dramatic and fascinating odysseys in the natural world.”

3) Stan Lee

Stan Lee (Image via Marvel)

Stan Lee is an upcoming Disney+ biographical documentary on the house. The film was announced as part of Lee’s 100th birthday celebration on December 28, 2022. David Gelb will direct the title, which will premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival before premiering on Disney+ on June 16, 2022. 2023.

The Stan Lee name is almost synonymous with some of the best comics and characters out there. Popularly known for his numerous creations and contributions to the Marvel Universe, Lee has been a guiding light in both the comics and the cinematic universe.

In the upcoming hour and a half documentary, viewers will be taken on a journey through his life and achievements. The film aims to paint an intricate portrait of the man while exploring his influence on the entertainment industry.

4) take care of maya

Take care of Maya (Image via Netflix)

take care of maya is an upcoming heartbreaking documentary, again from the house of Netflix. Story Syndicate produced the film with Henry Roosevelt directing, and the original soundtrack was provided by James Daly and Dan Krysa. The nearly two-hour long documentary explores the story of the Kowalski family, which was torn apart by a failing child care system.

The Kowalski family (Image via Mikaela Martin)

The official synopsis provided by Netflix reads as follows.

“When nine-year-old Maya Kowalski entered Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in 2016, nothing could have prepared her and her family for what they were about to experience. As the medical team tried to understand her rare disease , began to question the basic truths that bound the Kowalskis together.Suddenly, Maya was in state custody, even though two parents were desperate to bring their daughter home.The Kowalski family story, told with their In her own words, it will change the way you look at children’s health care forever.

take care of maya is scheduled to have its world premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival, followed by its streaming release on Netflix on June 19, 2023.

5) Rock Hudson: All Heaven Allowed

Rock Hudson (Image via Tribeca)

Rock Hudson: All Heaven Allowed is an upcoming LGBTQ+ biographical documentary from the HBO house. The film has been directed by acclaimed filmmaker Stephen Kijak, with Altitude Film Entertainment handling the production. The 1 hour and 44 minute long film explores the life of Rock Hudson, one of Hollywood’s most notable leading men during the 1950s and 1960s.

Rock Hudson: All Heaven Allowed is a tribute to the life and history of the seminal actor. Hudson was known for his womanizing character and his macho roles in movies. Other than a handful of his close colleagues, no one knew he was gay due to the intense homophobia in Hollywood at the time. His sexuality was only revealed posthumously, after he passed away from AIDS-related complications.

Rock Hudson with his boyfriend, Lee Garlington (Image via Tribeca)

The documentary uses interviews with close friends and colleagues and testimonials, along with archival footage to paint an intimate portrait of Hudson, both on and off screen. It also explores Hollywood’s stance on LGBTQ+ representation, both then and now, which raises the question of whether any changes have really taken place.

Rock Hudson: All Heaven Allowed will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, after which it will air on HBO on June 28, 2023 at 9 pm ET.

If watching an exciting new documentary sitting on your couch on a hot summer afternoon is your style, then these upcoming titles are perfect for you.