The 4 Best Sticker Tracker Apps to Organize Your Collection

When you start collecting cards, it’s only a matter of time before your card collection starts to get out of hand. Once you have a lot of cards, organizing them becomes difficult and time consuming. Trying to estimate the value of your collection can be even more time consuming as it takes you hours to look up the value of individual cards over and over again.

To fix these problems, one solution is to download a sticker collection app. These apps allow you to scan your cards, keep them all organized in one place, and many of them will even value your cards and your collection as a whole. This is a much more efficient option than trying to physically organize and value the cards yourself. In this article, we have listed the best of these business card tracker apps to help you keep them all in one place.


Collectr is one of the best applications to organize your collection of stickers. To add a card, you first select from the different trading card games available in the Collectr database, including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, and more. From there, you can search for the exact card you own and add it to your wallet.

In the portfolio section of the app, you can review all the cards you own and sort them through multiple filters, including price, TCG line, name, and more. You can touch an individual card to see its value. Collectr also has a marketplace tab where you can browse and buy stickers through eBay and other sites.

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If you are a sports card collector, CollX is a great app to try. You can scan your cards, add them to your collection in the app, and view the collections of others. You can also buy and sell cards through the app, making it an easy way to dump a few cards into your collection.

It’s also a great app for connecting with like-minded card collectors, allowing you to follow others’ activity and even message other users. For sports card collectors, CollX should be one of the first to check out.

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3.card base

Another useful application for sports card collectors is Cardbase. You can add cards to your collection in the app by searching for them, scanning them, or adding a whole set of cards that you may own. Cardbase also allows you to search for cards to add to your Favorites, allowing you to find cards you might want to buy next. If there’s a card you’re really interested in, you can add it to your watchlist, allowing you to keep track of card availability and value.

You can also find Pokemon cards in the app, however the main focus at Cardbase is sports cards. You can buy cards from other users and sell cards yourself. You can even see the current value of your collection as a whole. Overall, Cardbase is the perfect app for card collectors looking to organize and value their collection.

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4.push tcg

This Dragon Shield app allows you to scan your Pokémon cards and organize your collection easily. You can sort cards into decks, create a wish list and trade list, and view all your cards in your inventory, which can be sorted into folders. In your inventory, you can also see the value of your cards.

You can also pay for a premium version of the app that allows for an ad-free experience, card price charts, and more. You can get an annual subscription for $29.99 per year or a monthly subscription for $2.99 ​​per month. Also, in addition to an app for Pokémon cards, Dragon Shield also has apps for Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Flesh and Blood cards.

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Organize your card collections with these apps

All of these listed apps are great options if you need to organize a collection of cards, no matter what kind you like. These apps are also especially great for finding other card collectors to connect with and buying and selling cards. It’s a great way to easily stay involved with a community of card collectors no matter where you are.

What kind of trading cards do you collect? Let us know in the comments.