The 1987 slasher gets a 4K UHD release from Vinegar Syndrome

I’m a big fan of the slasher subgenre, particularly the slasher movies that came out in the 1980s. I’ve tried to watch as many ’80s slashers as I can, but every once in a while I hear about one that has slipped away. One I haven’t seen yet is the 1987 movie. night screams – so I’m glad to hear that Vinegar Syndrome is giving the film a 4K UHD and Blu-ray release. I’ll definitely be looking at this soon… and if you’re interested in getting a copy of night screamsYou can do it at THIS LINK.

Directed by Allen Plone from a screenplay by Mitch Brian and Dillis L. Hart II, night screams has the following synopsis: High school football star David just won a four-year scholarship to the University of Oklahoma, and with his parents out for the night, he plans to celebrate the occasion with a party for his friends and his girlfriend. But, as the evening’s festivities begin at a local nightclub, two violent fugitives take refuge in the basement of David’s house. As the action shifts to David’s home, it quickly becomes clear that someone is intent on spoiling the celebration as, one by one, the attendees are murdered and slaughtered in various gruesome ways. But are the stowaways thieves responsible for the carnage, or is it the work of someone even more deranged?

Vinegar Syndrome provided the following information: The brainchild of producer/co-writer Dillis L. Hart II and starring Ron Thomas (Karate Kid, Cobra Kai), the Wichita-lens night screams From director Allen Plone is a late-entry slasher gem that offers an embarrassment of inventive deaths, incorporating electrified hot tubs, bodies crushed under cars, death by poison gas, and faces shoved into burger grills alongside more “standard” methods of hacking. and cut. . Deemed too short by its distributor, the filmmakers added copious amounts of sex and violence culled from other sources, turning an already bizarre effort into a riveting mutant film. Now, for the first time ever, Vinegar Syndrome is proud to present a reconstruction of the filmmakers’ favorite “Pre-Release” cut (along with the standard film version), all newly restored in 4K from the original camera negative, along with a brand new feature-length documentary that tells the fascinating and sometimes tumultuous story behind the making of this regional slasher favorite.

Ron Thomas joins the cast with Joseph Paul Manno, Randy Lundsford, Megan Wyss and Janette Caldwell.

Here’s what you can expect from this version of night screams: Region Free 3-Disc Set: 4K Ultra HD / Blu-ray x2 – 4K UHD Presented in High-Dynamic-Range – Newly Scanned and Restored in 4K from its Original 35mm Camera Negative – Includes Their Pre-Release Versions and Standard Film – New commentary track with director Allen Plone and cinematographer Eric Anderson, moderated by special features producer Ewan Cant – “Blood and Chopsticks: Echoes of Night Screams” (80 min) – a new documentary on how it came to be with interviews with its cast and crew – Pre-Release Version Intro with Executive Producer Richard Caliendo and Co-Writer/Producer Dillis L. Hart II – Original Trailer – Reversible Cover – SDH English Subtitles

For a movie I’ve never heard of from anyone, night screams is having a very impressive launch.

Will you buy this 4K UHD/Blu-ray version of night screams? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and if he’s seen the movie before, definitely let us know what he thought of it.