The 10 Most Hilariously Wild Roasts In Video Games

Video game developers and gamers have a unique relationship. Unlike other art forms, games allow players to be a part of the artwork itself, through their interactions with the world. However, the opposite is true. Sometimes the developer gets to be the one who interacts with the player through art.

Often these interactions love to roast the player. Although many game developers love their fans, they can sometimes make them nervous. During these times, they like to add fourth-wall-breaking shots to the player, with varying degrees of savagery.


10 Orchestral rhythms to bow to, Sonic

sonic unleashed it’s a fun enough game, though usually flawed like most Sonic games of that time were. Still, one thing many fans agreed on was that the soundtrack was amazing. The epic fanfare you hear when you finish a level immediately became an iconic part of Sonic.

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However, if the player does poorly enough to earn the dreaded Rank E, the orchestral track turns into an absurdly terrible version of itself, seemingly played by a drunken orchestra. It’s like the game is making fun of the player for their skills, and that they aren’t even worthy of the real victory music. Subtle, but hilarious.

9 Stop playing, player, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Players are usually rewarded when they do extremely well in video games. All that effort is commendable, after all. However, sometimes game developers have to wonder how much time these players are spending on their game, and they can’t help but give their ego a little boost.

In Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, the player’s title screen is replaced with a morbidly obese version of Isaac with the caption “Stop Playing!” if 100% all your files saved. It’s clearly a lighthearted hit, playing on the stereotypes associated with an inveterate gamer. Considering the roguelike difficulty of Binding of Isaacdeveloper roasts become a bit more understandable.

8 Mr. Hippo tells you to chill, Five Nights At Freddy’s

by Scott Cawton Five nights at Freddy’s The franchise has had a whopping 18 games in its library, half of which are part of the main canon. The games are rich in animatronics and terrifying lore, some subtle and some absurdly in your face. Despite all that, Scott finds the obsession with lore in his games quite amusing.

In the Ultimate Custom Night, Scott Cawthon uses the character Mr. Hippo to give the player an idea of ​​what he thinks. Instead of the typical jump scare, Mr. Hippo spends a hilariously long time telling a nonsensical story, then ends it with “the moral here is that not all stories have deep meaning. Sometimes, it’s just a story.” A clear blow to all the theorists who overanalyze his work, albeit done with love.

7 Harassed On Poker Night, Inventory Poker Night 2

Inventory Poker Night two‘s the cast is much more malicious with the player than the previous one poker night Players Sam, Claptrap, Brock Venture, and Ash Williams (yes, that one) have funny comments about the player’s loneliness or lack of personal hygiene when outclassed. Of course, no one is better at the barbecue game than the passive-aggressive queen herself, GlaDOS.

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Every time he sees the player do something, he taunts him for no reason. Gems like “Wow. That was a smart move that won’t bite you in your ample ass again” and “Congratulations, you stopped listening to your frontal lobe and go with your gut, where all the feces are” do more to tip the player than any hand anyone else has. .

6 Narrator One Liners, without exceeding it

getting over it is one of the most notoriously difficult video games of recent years. Players must not let the calm narrator fool them. The game actively hates you and despite the zen tone of the narrator, it is one of the most condescending narrators when interpreted in a certain way.

The zen varnish falls off pretty quickly, for example when it comes to streamers. The narrator refers to a Letsplayer’s audience as “baby birds having their food regurgitated”, implying that the only reason people watch is that they are not mature enough to play the game themselves.

5 LISA hates the player, LISA

the SMOOTH trilogy is not so much a game that hates the player, but a game that embodies hate. The game is full of pain, and it gives it to its characters, its world, and of course the player himself. It is not called “The Painful RPG” without merit. A hilarious example of this is in world of strings

There is a ridiculously long rope that takes an inordinate amount of time to get to the top. Once the player reaches the platform, they are greeted with a giant hand, flipping the bird over. There are no achievements for this, and the only thing achieved was a waste of time. If the player wants to take a shortcut by jumping, well, the game just says no and they have to go down the long way.

4 Wolfenstein baby mode

the wolfenstein The modern games in the franchise are a throwback to the action-packed vibes of the past, with a much more stylistic twist than modern shooters. He also refuses to hold the player’s hands and revels in injustice. However, it is not totally ruthless and offers an easy mode for players.

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Said easy mode has an image of BJ Blazkowics, with his strong jaw and scarred face, sucking on a pacifier in a baby hat. It’s a hilarious callback to the distant difficulty text of 90’s FPS games. It’s a simple insult, but very effective at hurting gamers’ pride.

3 “Do not you have anything better to do?” under the tale

under the tale is a charming game full of jokes at the expense of its many wacky characters. Still, gamers themselves aren’t safe from Undertale’s bizarre sense of humor. Flowey has nothing but disdain for the player, constantly throwing spikes at the player himself.

However, the wildest roast is only seen in Genocide Run. The fight is notoriously brutal, and after each kill, Sans directs his vitriol at the player, rubbing salt into his wounds. He doesn’t do it just through dialogue either. He breaks all conventions taught by the game so far to the player, such as dodging and even attacking the player while he is in the menu.

solid metal gear 2 it’s a great giant roast of the player, and the best part is that most players didn’t even realize it at the time. Several times, the player is subtly beaten, under the guise that the insults are directed at Raiden. It deconstructs everything the series is about, and that includes the player.

The whole game is roasting the player for thinking that they can affect the story. This is best exemplified by the scene where the game asks the player for their name and personal information. It is revealed that it is on the dog tags on Raiden’s neck the entire time at the end. When Snake asks who they belong to, Raiden shrugs and simply dismisses the information, noting how little player choice matters in video games.

1 The entirety of Stanley’s parable

Weather solid metal gear 2 still has his espionage story as central canon, Stanley’s Parable it is an openly meta work. The Narrator at various points begins to address the player and Stanley as separate characters. The narrator is also relentlessly sarcastic about everything from the recycled game assets, the laziness of the developers, and of course the annoying player.

The game pokes fun at players’ natural tendency to go off the beaten path. Most of the things the player does are remembered by The Narrator, and the game adapts to them on every run. The achievement To go outside is one of the spicier roasts as it rewards players for not playing the game for a full five years. It’s hard to pick any roast, but the developers who reward the player for not playing the game are solid.

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