The 10 biggest differences between the Halo games and the TV series

Microsoft’s successful Halo franchise has spawned more than $81 million in sales since Halo Combat Evolved released in the original Xbox on November 15, 2001. Fans of the series have waited more than 20 years to see Live Action Master Chief kick some Covenant loot in Halo. Time, it seems, has not been kind to the once savior of the galaxy. At one point in history, Halo and developer Bungie Studios were responsible for a change in the entire entertainment industry with halo 3 how was it generated $300 million in its first week.

On its first day, a video game would outperform a multi-million dollar feature film, spider man 3 halo and the The video game industry would never be the same. Today, Halo occupies a very different residence in the video game industry than it did more than a decade ago. Weather million viewers in tune with him Paramount+ Exclusive Halo TV SeriesMaster Chief TV debut gone much to be desired. From new characters, events in the Halo timeline, and cannon apparently thrown to the winds, 343i has made it very clear that the Halo TV series does not follow the canon of the iconic video games. Join us as we uncover the biggest differences between Halo and the Halo TV series.


~~~ Halo TV series spoilers below ~~~

10/10 the helmet

One of the most polarizing aspects of the Halo television series is watching the Boss without his iconic MJOLNIR armor on, more specifically his helmet. Paramount+ unceremoniously chose to depict the Halo TV Chief without his Mark VI helmet in an attempt to humanize his portrayal of the Master Chief. Don’t worry, we’ll get there.

The boss without his helmet is less of an issue because it happens early on and he doesn’t have it as often. After a while, though, it gets easier. appreciate the Halo TV show more as a solid sci-fi action seriesinstead of a by-the-numbers Halo story in the cannon.

9/10 Dr Catherine Halsey

The creator not only of the SPARTAN program and MJOLNIR power armor but also the literal brilliant mind that gave birth to Cortana, The character of Dr. Catherine Halsey remains largely intact in the television series Halo. The only major difference between this Halsey universe and the cannon version of Halo is that Halo TV Halsey gets into trouble with the UNSC much earlier.

At this point in the Halo timeline, Dr. Halsey feels extraordinary guilt over her and Captain Keyes’ involvement in the child abduction for his SPARTAN-II program. The replacement children were flash-cloned and exchanged with children who kidnapped to genetically modify and create Spartans. Eventually, the cloned children died within months due to genetic disorders due to their organs being genetically disrupted. In Halo canon, Dr. Halsey personally oversees all cloned children up to the year 2525.

8/10 Boss love interest

In the Halo cannon, the Master Chief was genetically enhanced and vigorously trained from childhood to be an obedient super soldier and to complete the mission no matter the cost. In the first season of the television series Halo, after John-117 comes into contact with the mysterious alien artifact, he removes his regulator of emotions that supposedly suppresses their natural human emotional responses. Thus allowing him to have to deal with his emotions instead of repressing them. One of these emotions Paramount+ wants you to know that John is capable of love.

In the television series Halo, Makee, a human who has sided with the Covenant, is intentionally captured by the UNSC, subsequently leading to an emotional relationship between her and John. While also in direct violation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA), John’s love interest seems awkward and a sign that 343i and Microsoft likely felt comfortable distancing themselves from the Halo cannon after reading the script. .

7/10 Silver Team

Halo’s iconic Blue Team takes a backseat to the Halo TV series, Silver Team, and that’s probably for the best considering where the first season ends. Blue Tea members Frederic-104 Assault, Keely-087 Scout, and Linda-058 Marksman are apparently absent from the Halo TV show and have been replaced by Silver Team’s Kai-125, Vannak-134, and Riz-028.

Of John-117’s new teammates, Kai-125 is the most interesting new addition to Halo. Kai recognizes that John hasn’t been himself for most of the season, and while spying on him, he comes up with the idea of ​​removing the emotional inhibitor from him as well. She also embarks on her adventure in the background trying to deal with his newly out of control emotions.

6/10 Soren

Spartan-066, or Soren, he is a Spartan II defector and eventual AWOL soldier in Halo canon. Soren had spent a significant amount of time with the Master Chief and the other recruits while they were in the middle of training and, more importantly, in the process of genetic modification. Soren did not take the bio-enhancements well and eventually fled the SPARTAN training facility in the dead of night, but not before stealing his MJOLNIR power armor.

The last time Halo fans heard from Soren, he was hiding in the woods. near the site of a crashed Pelican training ship. Paramount+ wiped the slate clean by developing the character of Soren, who would be the same age as John at the time. Soren is reduced to an insurrection leader in a hideout along an asteroid belt, often taking more than he gives to his people.

5/10 Master Chief dies

The Halo TV series finally ends with Cortana strategically killing John-117 in a seemingly desperate attempt to save him and his team from certain death.

Cortana takes control of the MJOLNIR powered suit while the boss is dead, and it is never fully explained if he ever revives in the suit after combat. To be clear, Halo Cannon’s Chief Petty Officer John-117 is currently alive and well. fighting over mountains in Zeta Halo.

4/10 Kwan Ha

Outer colonies, civil wars and insurgents have always existed in Halo lore, Paramount+ features Kwan Ha in the series as an insurrectionary rebel against the UNSC. Both of Kwan Ha’s parents were killed by the UNSC, and she witnessed her mother’s murder by Senior Petty Officer John-117.

Kwan Ha and Soren take up a lot of screen time that never leads to anything meaningful. The Kwan Ha character looks like a busy job for Soren, who the creators may have had a unique time trying to lock down as a significant character.


Kidnapped by the Covenant as a child, Makee is a new character in the Halo franchise and is sympathetic to her captors’ belief in the great trip. Makee, with nothing but contempt for humanity, too have a gift very important to the Covenant. Makee is inexplicably capable, like John, of interact with the mysterious alien artifact found in the first episode of the show.

The alien artifact turns out to be a map with coordinates to a mysterious ring world, the site of the Great Covenant Journey. Makee does not exist as a conduit for Installation-04 in Halo canon. Both the Covenant and the UNSC found Halo by chance. His inclusion in the television series Halo. It opens many more questions than it closes.

2/10 Cortana

Cortana and Master Chief are as much pseudonyms as…well, Master Chief and Halo. Cortana, in the Halo cannon, is a Smart AI Combat Advisor which was created by brain mapping by Dr. Catherine Halsey and use that architecture to bring Cortana to life. Cortana and The Master Chief save the universe together during the height of the war between the Covenant and the humans. Halo TV Cortana seems to present herself as the the world’s first intelligent AI, made from a cloned version of Dr. Halsey’s brain. Her mission is more of a control role than a combat advisor in the TV series.

in halo, Smart AIs are not common because they are expensive to designbut they are very present. Intelligent AIs are capable of performing many more computational processes than traditional AI, allowing them to think and make decisions that are more human than robotic. Smart AIs typically have a lifespan of 7 years, after which they go into what is known as AI Rampancy. AI Rampancy eventually leads to the death of the AI ​​as its process gets stuck in an endless loop, effectively thinking himself to death.

1/10 hello?

For a show that has the word halo in the titleone would think we would see more of the deadly planetary Eden with its lush landscapes and intimidating alien structures. Probably the most conspicuous and perplexing difference in the first season of the Halo television series is the almost complete absence of the ringworld known as Halo.

For comparison, the world of the Halo ring appears 25 seconds after the first cutscene in Halo Combat Evolved, and you’re laying waste to the scum of the covenant on the planet on the second mission.

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