The 10 Best Xbox 360 Games Ever Made, Officially Ranked

Obviously we at Dualshockers are big Sony fans. But when it comes to seventh generation game consoles, the Xbox 360 was arguably the the leader of the pack. Having released almost a full year prior to the PS3, the 360 ​​dominated the market while Sony fans were still playing PS2 games. There was no arguing about the greatness of the console. At least, there would not have been, were it not for the notorious red ring of deathamong other technological issues.

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But we’re not here to talk about how broken the first 360 races were. We are here to celebrate the system amazing game library. To this day, the line up of 360 games is possibly one of the best of all time. connect your HDDload your battery packsand take a look at some of these Famous 360 titles!


10 batman arkham asylum

Has been tons of arkham gamesall of which owe their existence to the success of Arkham Asylum. When the game first dropped, it was stunningly unique. Most critics say the exact same thing about Arkham Aslyum: makes you feel like batman.

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The main attraction of the game is slowly removing enemies from the shadows. The Dark Knight glides through rooms, striking fear as he lunges at enemies from above. When things get more personal, the melee combat is great too. It features great animations, heavy hitting, and an Assassin’s Creed-inspired counter-attack system. The latest games are good too, but Arkham Asylum is a iconic classic.

9 star wars the force unleashed

The Force Unleashed is just a direct solid action adventure game, even for non-Star Wars fans. The lightsaber melee game is fun and responsivewith tons of fun combos and quirks (such as the lightsaber throw). Zapping enemies with force lightning is great, but turn them into rag dolls with the force and making them dance around never really gets old.

It got a sequel, which is also on the 360, but the first game is definitely better. Both have beautiful graphics and great music (it’s just Star Wars music), but the second game only has one small handful of levels compared to the first.

8 assassin’s creed 2

For a while, the Assassin’s Creed series was taking the To get mad Getting closer: a new game every year, Whatever happens. But before it really started, there was Assassin’s Creed 2. It was a more fleshed out version of the first game, building a big new world with a unique renaissance setting.

Not only was the gameplay more refined, but the characters and story were better as well. ezio is a charming and lovable rogue. And hey, da vinci it’s there too. AC2 is still worth playing today, and earns its place on this list for being one of the most memorable games in the series.

7 mass effect 2

the second game of a trilogy is often the better. Such is the case with Mass Effect, Bioware’s series of sci-fi role-playing games. Mass Effects 1 and 3 both struggled, and while the second game is far from perfect, it seems the most polished. got rid of certain maligned mechanic (like the moving segments in Mass Effect 1). Meanwhile, his story surpasses that of ME3, whose ending had to be rewritten after a few extremely harsh fan feedback.

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And yes, ME2 is great, but the entire Mass Effect trilogy is in 360. It is recommended to play them all together.; It’s what makes the series great. The choices the player makes in the first game will impact the story of the entire trilogy, creating a unique feeling of freedom and cohesion.

6 saints row 2

exist four core Saints Row games on 360, but for us, Saints Row 2 is where it’s at. It’s a great compromise between story and gameplay — not as silly or ugly as Saints Row 1, but with a story that isn’t too exaggerated and ridiculous Saints Row games were more than just clones of GTA. At a time when GTA was going for realismSaints Row was happy to let the players throw pedestrians hundreds of feet in the air, because million dollars in property damage, spray houses with sewage waterthat kind of thing.

GTA IV is not a bad game by any means, it’s just a different experience. Gritty, realistic games with gray color schemes were the trend at the time, and Saints Row boldly went against the trend.

5 call of duty 4 modern warfare

It used to be that Call of Duty was strictly a shooter from World War II. it was actually completely laughable at the time. we had so many WWII shooters, Modern Warfare was an absolute a breath of fresh air. the graphics and gameplay were solid — the campaign is classic, with action movie scenes Y legitimately defying scenes, and of course the multiplayer was enormous.

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It is no exaggeration to say that Modern Warfare made the series what it is today. COD 2 and 3 are great games, but they just don’t compare. Modern Warfare not only refined the series’ gameplay and storytelling, it gained countless new fans and made a ton of money for Infinity Ward. It is still considered one of the best games in the entire franchise.

4 skate 3

For years, Tony Hawk was the undisputed king of skateboarding games. That changed when Skate hit store shelves, adding remarkable depth to what felt like a reproduced gender. Skate 2 perfected the formula and Skate 3 brought new ideas. The games are so beloved that fans have been bombarding EA’s Twitter account for years, begging to know. “When is Skate 4?”.

This place was a pull up between Skate 2 and 3. Obviously, 3 was the final choice; it’s it is a little defective (in a charming way), but has the most features and the more modern feel of any skate game. Its only big problem is that it lacks the iconic Skate 2 map, with areas like the Cougar Mountain Damand the new map just I never felt the same.

Just a few months after 360 hit store shelves, we had Oblivion – it was practically a launch title. And man, what a title it was. Suddenly the 360 ​​was the new hotness, and all morrowind fans necessary to get your hands on it. Of course, years later, the 360 ​​also has skyrim. It is debatable what the title is. actually betterbut consider this: the 360 ​​version of Oblivion is definitivewhile he really better version of Skyrim would not come until long after the death of the console.

Even for those who prefer Skyrim, there’s no denying that Oblivion is one of the best games on the 360. It has its problems, sure, but it’s still a exemplary role playing game with a funny story Y some of the best side quests in gaming history.

two halo 3

Halo 3 was a mass system vendor, and to this day is synonymous with the console itself. the campaign is polished and beautifulbut multiplayer I was where I really was. It had loads of amazing game modes, with memorable highlights like tap ball Y rocket race. The maps of him are absolutely iconicand with Forgeplayers could create entirely new maps and game types.

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There was a huge debate at the time about which game was better, between Halo 3 and Modern Warfare. maybe is nostalgia speaking, but Halo 3 is what we play the most. Also, Halo is the iconic poster kid of the Xbox.

1 grand theft auto iv

Grand Theft Auto IV was and is a bold, refreshing and beautiful game. explore the history of Niko bellica man from Eastern Europe, masterfully manages his subjects of war and trauma. Challenge players by putting them in the shoes of a strangerwhich was just as rage-inducing back then as the idea of playing as a woman is now. Niko is a lovable tragic character in a game that is packed with charming and memorable characters. The story is not too complicated, but it can be the best told story of the series.

Similar to Oblivion, GTA IV had an extremely successful sequel that was also on the 360. However, GTA V continued to refine itself and is more associated with modern game. Furthermore, it is not necessarily a better game.

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