The 10 best virtual reality games that are revolutionizing the world

Virtual Reality is changing life as many of us know it. Virtual reality innovations are being made every day that help people exercise, expand the realm of creativity, or help with mental health. Virtual reality can do more than other platforms. It immerses its players in new worlds and environments.

This list is not intended to showcase the most technologically advanced games. This list is meant to give a voice to games that are trying to make impactful changes to the virtual world and everyday life. Also, many of these games are in the early stages of development, but show promising signs of what humans are capable of.


10/10 bird

Birdly is one of the strangest games on this list. It offers a different approach to virtual reality that gives gamers an unimaginable experience. This virtual reality experience allows players to take on the role of a bird with the help of other augmentation technologies.

Birdly is something that people have never experienced before and is part of the building blocks of the future. This game is opening a door for simulation games. As life progresses, more animal-like simulators will be created. From there will go the possibilities of what will be done and learned.

9/10 VR Dance Center

Dance Central VR fuels the natural human urge people have to want to dance. There are many games in this kind of genre. Its combination with the field of virtual reality makes it more interesting than its competitors. Dance is an important part of human culture.

Having it live teaching it through games is valuable to experience and live. The game is also a kind of exercise at home, so it helps people stay active even in a virtual world. The moves players learn are also transferable to the real world, adding to the excitement of learning a new skill.

8/10 VRtuos

VRtous allows players with any type of piano to learn it in virtual reality. It does this so players can calibrate the keys on their Meta Quest 2. This creates a virtual set of keys that detect when the real keys are pressed.

The problem that the game faces is that it is not perfectly optimized. However, the game sets a precedent for what is to come in the future. This makes it seem like learning instruments completely by using virtual methods isn’t too far off.

7/10 AloeVR

Aloe VR is in its early stages, but what it claims to do for student mindfulness in classrooms may change the way kids interact across the country. The experience built around the game is based on culturally relevant research. The game integrates the real world into its gameplay by relying heavily on activities done in the real world.

This game pushes children to explore their emotions and teaches them authentic ways they can deal with different feelings. As the game continues to develop, more exercises and immersive settings are planned for release.

6/10 In Mind VR 2

InMind VR 2 teaches people how different emotions work on a scientific level. Also, it helps people understand how feeling certain things can affect their life. The game allows players to travel through the different neurons in the main character’s brain to stimulate emotional responses.

The game focuses on players learning about the mind and emotions. That said, the gameplay is also interesting and therapeutic. The best thing about this game is that it teaches both knowledge and emotional management.

5/10 Maze-VR

Labryinth-VR is a game that can do a lot of good for Alzheimer’s patients. It is a game that has backed up data showing that it has been able to improve memory in adults. These tests have shown what many pharmaceutical drug tests for Alzheimer’s have failed to do.

Labryinth-VR has players traverse 48 different fictional neighborhoods that increase in size and difficulty. In these neighborhoods, they have to carry out different errands. Research done on this game shows that it can increase hi-fi memory.

4/10 VR TRIP

Tripp VR is a well-thought-out experience as the developers collaborate with people from outside the gaming field, such as doctors. There is a survey that accompanies players each time they log into the experience. Depending on how they enter their answers, they can get an experience that is tailored to them.

It encourages mindfulness through fantastic backgrounds and thoughtful storytelling. It also features simple gameplay that keeps players slightly engaged and stimulated while they relax.

3/10 Supernatural

Supernatural is a virtual reality experience that focuses on getting people moving from the comfort of their homes. The best thing about this virtual reality experience is that it has coaches who help players at different levels of their fitness journey.

This game has always updated and added workouts and training videos. This makes it seem like the game has an ongoing ecosystem that can keep track of players. It constantly gives them new experiences and makes exercising more enjoyable.

2/10 DEPTH

Deep aims to help gamers relieve anxiety and depression. It also promotes discussion about mental health in teens and adults alike. It’s good to know that the director of deep exploration took it upon himself to start this project as a way to help himself and others out of dark times.

What makes this game stand out the most is the use of technology to be able to monitor a player’s breathing. This technology could help in different fields of virtual reality in the future. Also, it offers a new perspective to teach people how to stay calm through breathwork.

1/10 Happy Valley

Happy Valley is one of many games being developed by a company called Real Systems. The game aims to help people who need physical and cognitive rehabilitation. The ability to combine virtual reality and physical therapy is a beautiful sight to behold. Create a visual cushion for an experience that can be painful and traumatic.

Players have to accomplish a multitude of things like building buildings and digging up ancestors. The world is nicely designed. In addition, it offers a small escape from the pain of rehabilitation while helping people regain different functionalities.

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