The 10 best-rated games of the decade so far, according to Metacritic

elden ring It proved to be a phenomenon in 2022, earning some of the best reviews of recent times. While the 2020s are still in their early years, there have been several other praised titles such as elden ring during this time. This includes mainstream titles like the last of us part 2 and acclaimed indie games like Disc Elysium: The Final Cut.

While Metacritic’s best during this period generally covers the original games, there have also been well-received reviewed games that are taken into account due to how different they are from their initial release. It’s interesting to see which games of the decade have impressed Metacritic reviewers the most.


10 Forza Horizon 5 (2021) – 92

the Strength series has experienced better critical reception with each entry and force horizon 5 was no exception. There are many great areas to drive force horizon 5with the map credited as a beautiful place to explore that is full of diverse environments and challenges.

The game’s consistent gameplay was praised, in that there are no real side quests and players do not sit idle at any point. The wide variety of cars to choose from and the uniqueness of driving them also contributed to force horizon 5‘s positive reception.

9 Ori and the Will of the Wisps (2020) – 93

Ori and the Will of the Wisps It’s a game very similar to Sonic series, featuring a side-scrolling style of gameplay that requires players to evade enemies while making their way towards an end goal. Unanimous acclaim went to the title’s visuals and soundtrack, which offer surprisingly emotional gameplay.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps it’s challenging enough to appeal to older audiences and has a magical presentation that younger players will enjoy. Critical attention was drawn to the game’s platforming sequences which never feel one-dimensional, as the environment regularly evolves to stave off boredom.

8 Half-Life: Alyx (2020) – 93

the Half life The series returned after more than a decade with a VR entry, which happens to be one of the best-received titles available on the VR market. Half Life: Alyx was praised for making virtual reality a compelling gaming model, and the game offers the same kind of entertainment as previous FPS installments.

Half Life: Alyx contains elements of survival horror, puzzle solving, and exploration, all of which take on new life through the VR lens. Critics were impressed with the immersive way Half Life: Alyx it is despite the generally limited format that VR gaming features, becoming a strong reason for gamers to buy VR headsets.

7 Hades (2020) – 93

hell is a hack and slash dungeon crawler game played in an isometric view, with this framing device praised by critics for offering a new style of gameplay. The basic scheme involves navigating the protagonist through the underworld to Mount Olympus, during which enemies try to prevent his ascent.

hell features various locations where players are supposed to destroy their enemies in order to progress. But the non-linear presentation means players can navigate the map whenever they want. This aspect was highlighted by critics as something that made them feel free and free to enjoy the vastness of the game.

6 Tetris Effect: Connected (2021) – 94

The improved version of tetris effect it is practically a new experience as it adds a cooperative multiplayer mode and a competitive mode. Players can engage in matchups like never before, which reviewers considered a refreshing change in a tried and tested model.

Tetris Effect: Connected it was credited with creating beautiful game templates, as well as featuring an engaging soundtrack. The core aspect of the game remains the same as ever, but the added effects are such that the critics won unanimously.

5 The Last of Us Part II (2020) – 94

the last of us part 2 it is not for all types of players, as extreme violence can be a difficult task. But the many interesting characters to follow in the last of us part 2 and the theme of the hate that drives them was praised by reviewers for making the game a truly narrative experience.

the last of us part 2 it has fast and slow sequences based on the enemies players face, ranging from swarming zombies and humans to evading hugely powerful enemies that can kill with a single move. Reviewers generally marveled at the game’s ability to get players so invested in the story.

4 Person 5 Royal (2020) – 95

persona 5 royal is an improved version of the original person 5, transforming the game almost completely. It brings a whole new character to use, additional stories and a new area to explore. persona 5 royal it was praised for adding a new perspective in such a way that it feels like an original game.

With the RPG game offering a huge world with endless possibilities, players can spend many hours discovering the supernatural in Tokyo. persona 5 royal It was also praised for its cinematic presentation that will appeal to fans of the anime genre, along with those who enjoy a strong story.

3 The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenant Edition (2021) – 96

The original The House In Fata Morgana was released a decade earlier, but Dreams of the Reborn Edition adds a new subplot and unique artwork that contrasts sharply with the initial release. The House In Fata Morgana is a visual novel where players have the option to see how the story unfolds.

It is set over the centuries, with the goal of helping a spirit recover its memories of each time period. The critics lavished The House in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenant Edition Universally recognized for its riveting storyline and several unlockable scenarios that really bring the experience to life.

two Elden’s Ring (2022) – 96

There is no doubt that it will end elden ring is an extremely difficult achievement, as the bosses here can be the stuff of nightmares. The game is similar to Dark souls series, with players traversing an open world filled with monsters and magical supernatural beings.

elden ring it took the world by storm since its release and reviewers highlighted the inventive gameplay where players have to come up with strategies to overcome the challenging environment. With RPG elements packed to the brim, elden ring was massively praised for delivering a game that satisfies in every way.

1 Disc Elysium: The Final Cut (2021) – 97

It’s rare to see a murder mystery game at the top, but elysee nightclub it’s hard to miss. the final cut is a reworked version of the original, featuring four more missions that affect character morale and implications for the ending that is achieved through an overarching plot.

Reviewers found the whodunit style of Disc Elysium: The Final Cut be fascinating, especially given the RPG elements that meant there were several possible scenarios to discover. Additionally, the exploration and dialogue were noted to completely exceed the quality of the title, connecting players with the main characters.

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