The 10 Best PS1 First-Person Shooters, Ranked

The original Sony PlayStation console launched in 1994 and forever changed the gaming market. The original PlayStation brought fully realized 3D worlds to life for the first time, allowing players to have a new level of interaction. Now that this extra dimension is becoming the norm, PlayStation was able to offer some amazing first-person shooters on its console.

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First-person shooters of this era struggled, and it really wasn’t until Halo released on the original Xbox system that the industry standardized on a joystick control scheme. Even with these limitations, the original PlayStation was home to some all-time classic first-person shooters that pushed the genre forward and laid the foundation for future titles.


10 Total Duke Nukem Fusion

duke shoots an alien in a hallway

Duke Nukem is a classic, if not almost forgotten video game hero. It rose to fame as a first-person shooter for PC, with Total Meltdown being its first entry for consoles. Like many other first-person shooters of the time, the game features fully realized 3D environments with the enemies as 2D sprites.

Much of the humor hasn’t aged well, with Duke being a parody of ’80s and ’90s action stars. Still, Duke Nukem Total Meltdown is mechanically one of the best first-person shooters released for the original PlayStation. and a fun way to kill a few hours.

9 flash jump 2

Robbit performing platform jumps

Jumping Flash 2 is more platform-based than shooter-based, but it still deserves a place on our list due to its revolutionary first-person mechanics. Jumping Flash 2 and its predecessor put you in control of a robotic rabbit as it jumps and fights its way through fully realized 3D worlds.

The original Jumping Flash is bundled with the classic PS1 system that was released in 2018, but the sequel is a better game in terms of quality. If you’re able to get your hands on this classic, its short campaign is well worth playing.

8 earthquake II

Shoot enemies in an underground level

The Quake series continues to be a fan-favorite for first-person shooters on PC. Fast-paced action and cutthroat multiplayer make this game just as fun now as it was when it first released in 1997.

The PlayStation version had to forego online multiplayer in exchange for local split-screen, but the single-player campaign remained unchanged. Quake II is still available in many versions for those who wish to revisit its desolate world.

7 Star Wars Dark Forces

Moving through an enemy base

The Star Wars license has been used to make some amazing video games. Many of these games focus on the Jedi and the stories told in one of the movies, but Dark Forces opted to go the first-person shooter route and feature a story set a year after the events of the original movie. .

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Dark Forces gives players a rare chance to play as a Rebel during their war against the Empire. The gameplay is as good as the story, and we’d love to see more first-person shooters set in the Star Wars universe.

6 Condemn

doomguy after receiving the mega armor

It’s an old question. Can you run Doom? Well, in the case of the original PlayStation, yes you can. In 1995, an official port of Doom was released for the PlayStation, bringing the timeless shooter to console gamers.

Doom was a revolutionary first-person shooter not only for its mechanics but also for its brutal gore and heavy metal aesthetics. Even after all these years, Doom is still a fantastic experience and should be played on PlayStation or whatever device you can find that runs the game.

5 underground medal of honor

Shoot an enemy around a corner

Medal of Honor Underground is the sequel to PlayStation’s original World War II first-person shooter, but this version features a female lead and an endearing story. The game takes place in 1940s France and contains one of the best WWII storylines we’ve seen in gaming.

Medal of Honor Underground took the same formula that made the original game so successful and expanded upon it in significant ways. The gameplay remained tight and fun, but also added an extra layer of grit and realism. Medal of Honor Underground isn’t just one of the best first-person shooters on PlayStation; it is also one of the best Medal of Honor games.

4 007 The world is not enough

James Bond attacking an underground lair

Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 wowed audiences with its compelling gameplay and addictive multiplayer. The developers tried to match the success of Goldeneye, first with a version of Tomorrow Never Dies and then with The World is not Enough. While The World Is Not Enough didn’t measure up to Goldeneye, it’s still one of the best Jame Bond first-person shooters out there, and easily one of the best for PlayStation 1.

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The game features the same story as the movie, even including actual footage from the movie as cutscenes. If the game had been a little longer and had a multiplayer mode, it could have dethroned the Nintendo shooter. As it stands, however, The World is not Enough is still one of the best first-person shooters to appear on the original PlayStation.

3 alien trilogy

Ripley approaching a service terminal

Matching movie adaptations have a reputation for making quick cash with little regard to the quality of the game. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Alien Trilogy. Alien Trilogy follows the plot of the first three films, putting you in the shoes of Ellen Ripley as she fights her way through hordes of xenomorphs.

The gameplay is a standard first-person shooter, but the team at Probe Entertainment put a lot of effort into making the game sound and feel like the classic movies. As far as PlayStation 1 first-person shooters and movie-based games go, it doesn’t get much better than the Alien Trilogy.

2 disruptor

entering a green corridor

Disruptor is the first game developed by the famous PlayStation studio Insomniac. The game is set in a futuristic world and features a player character with telekinetic enhancements that can be used to take down enemies.

At the time, the Disruptor was seen as nothing more than a Doom clone. In retrospect, however, it’s more apparent how this game influenced narrative first-person shooters for years to come. The sci-fi setting and multiple ways to attack enemies can be seen in games from Halo to Bioshock. The game was a commercial flop at the time, but has since found a cult following. Disruptor may not be the best first-person shooter on PlayStation 1, but the groundwork it laid for future games in the genre is something not to be overlooked.

1 Medal of Honor

Walking down an empty street

Medal of Honor predates the Call of Duty franchise by a few years, giving console gamers their first taste of what a WWII shooter could be like. The game is set near the end of World War II and features a story directed by Steven Spielberg.

The Call of Duty franchise may have surpassed this series in popularity with its take on war in the modern era. However, Medal of Honor is still remembered as one of the best depictions of World War II in a video game. The series has seen a few revivals, even trying to jump into the modern era, but nothing beats the classic WWII action of the original.

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