The 10 Best Lord Of The Rings Video Games, Ranked

The Lord of the Rings will always be one of the best stories told through amazing movies and even better books. This has spawned many games, some barely mentionable and others that stand the test of time.

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These games range from RPGs that follow stories tackled to filling in the gaps for other things that happened during the war. With the release of Rings of Power, many are looking to return to the world of Tolkien. Here are the top 10 Lord of the Rings games that you should try right away.


10 war in the northWar in the north Fight against the orcs

Being one of the lesser known Lord of the Rings games, this game focuses on lesser known characters during the events of the Fellowship of the Ring. This game begins with the familiar face of Aragorn in Bree, then moves on to the war in the north with the Witch King.

Combat can be a bit repetitive, but the ability to switch between the three unique characters lets you switch things up. Each of the three heroes has unique weapons and abilities, and each can be leveled up and further customized for your preferred playstyle.

9 The two TowersAragorn of the two towers game

The Two Towers focuses on the Fellowship’s journey through the events of the Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers. While the gameplay may be a bit dated by today’s standards, it’s still incredibly fun to play through some of the Fellowship’s biggest moments, like Helm’s Deep.

You can play as Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Gandalf, Frodo, and √Čomer. Each character has their own set of usable and passive abilities, making their playstyle unique from the others. Each character can level up and unlock new abilities for later missions.

8 lord of the rings onlineLOTR online before shadow promotion

Lord of the Rings Online plays like any other MMO. You can create your character, customize his appearance and choose your class. You are limited to only good runs, as all enemies are Sauron’s forces.

There are many regions of Middle-earth to explore, with many small quests to accomplish or larger stories to follow. This is also one of the few MMOs that doesn’t include regular PVP. You can request a 1v1 with another player, but this is purely for bragging rights and has no real benefit.

7 lego lord of the ringsLego LOTR Aragorn on Mount Doom

This game follows the original movie trilogy, allowing players to experience important moments from the movies in Lego form. Like any Lego adaptation, it adds a lighthearted and fun tone to a dark story.

This adaptation can be both funny and faithful. This game also offers a free roam mode, which allows you to explore much of Middle-earth as one of 80 playable characters. This game offers an additional inventory system, where you collect weapons or magic items to help you in combat.

6 The conquest of the lord of the ringsLOTR Conquest Cover Image

Just like battle games from the same publisher, this game allows you to choose a class and try to complete objectives and defeat enemies. There is a free play option along with a light and dark side campaign. The light side campaign sees him in the movies’ biggest moments, while the dark side campaign has Sauron conquering Middle-earth after obtaining the One Ring.

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Along with the core classes, you can play as select heroes or as larger trolls, ents, or mounted units. Combat follows the basic hack and slash mechanic, but can be surprising and rewarding against weaker grunt enemies.

5 The return of the KingGameplay of The Return of King Gandalf

Like its predecessor, The Return of the King has similar gameplay mechanics. Take what’s already there and refine the combat and graphics, now following the story of The Return of the King. After the initial mission, you can choose one of three stories you want to follow, each following its own cast.

This game puts players into many moments from the third movie, some that they might not recognize unless they’ve seen the director’s cuts. This game also has a co-op mode, allowing a second player to join in as one of the other partners on that path.

4 shadow of mordorShadow of Mordor Talion and Celebrimbor Fighting

This game follows a Ranger from the Black Gate and the Specter of Celebrimbor as they fight in Mordor to give the Realm of Men more time to prepare. The nemesis system is still in its early stages, but it was an awesome addition. Creating recurring enemies with nameless orcs made this world feel full and alive.

Orc captains are at the core of this game, with unique personalities and stats, making each fight different from the last. In the second half of the game, you have the ability to overpower the orcs. Mastered Captains can be assisted as they rank up and can be used to take out other dangerous enemies in the world.

3 Battle for Middle EarthBattle for the Middle-earth City of Gondor

This is easily one of the best real-time strategy games out there. Here you choose one of 4 factions, Rohan, Gondor, Mordor or Isengard, to command a base and an army to fight against your enemies. Each race has multiple units to create, each with their own strengths and weaknesses that require complex military skills to win a battle.

Quick battles are an option, but the campaign mode in this game is surprisingly extensive. Following each step during the war for the ring, your army moves across a map of Middle-earth, earning upgrades with each battle. Surviving units at the end of a battle move to the next area the army moves to. You can fight in all the important battles in the series, either on the dark side or on the light side.

two shadow of warShadow of War Talion commanding orcs

The sequel to Shadow of Mordor, this game takes everything that was great from the last game to create this. Following Talion’s story, he now has a new ring of power that allows him to command more armies of orcs and wage war on a much larger scale.

The nemesis system has been greatly expanded, making each captain even more unique with many more new abilities to choose from. Talion has an extensive skill tree, and the constant taking and losing of forts will take many hours in this game.

1 Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king

Easily doubling the original scale of Battle for Middle Earth, you can now choose from 7 factions to play as. Commanding larger armies, creating your own hero, and simulating multi-battle campaigns are just a few of the many additions to this game. Each recurring faction also has more units and buildings to choose from, expanding their capabilities from the last game.

Base building isn’t limited to the slots around a capital, as you can build a building anywhere the terrain doesn’t get in your way. The campaign is more linear, following either the dark side or the light side on specific missions, but it still helps expand the story by showing what the Elves and Dwarves are up to during the war for the One Ring.

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