The 10 Best Lego Board Games, Ranked

In the early 2010s, LEGO developed its own board games. Like a standard LEGO set, the board and pieces needed to be assembled with instructions before play could begin. Each game featured a customizable die that could alter the way the games played out. Each game often came with an alternate set of rules for those eager for a new way to play. Since the boards were made of LEGO, even these could be modified for a new gaming experience.

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While some games featured licensed property, most LEGO board games were completely original ideas or based on a previously existing theme, such as Knights Kingdom or Space Missions. LEGO designed the games with a younger audience in mind, but they were still fun for adults, especially parents playing with their kids. In the end, these creative sets offer tons of customizable fun for any LEGO enthusiast.

10 Build a robot in LEGO Robo Champ

LEGO Robo Champion is a very simple and fast game for 2-3 players. After assembling the robot parts, players choose a robot color, roll the dice, and then try to claim their parts. To win, players must complete their robot construction, acquiring and assembling two legs, two arms, and a head onto its body.

The LEGO pieces are put together in a stack and the color the player draws is the color piece they must take. For added strategy and mayhem, players can steal parts from each other instead of taking them from the stack. While the game feels very basic, it offers a lot of fun.

9 Climb the volcano to summon the LEGO lava dragon

In lego lava dragon, players are transported to an ancient active volcano that acts as the home of a fire-breathing dragon. Two to four players are tasked with reaching the top of the mountain and summoning the dragon. Players also build the dice as they wish, randomly adding colored pieces to each side that match the participating players, as well as an orange lava piece.

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If the player’s color appears on a roll, they can move their horse that many places. If he gets the lava brick, the player can move one of several pieces of lava in the volcano out of his way or block opponents. lego lava dragon is a quick game perfect for simple, fast and frantic fun.

8 Move spaces and build bases in LEGO Lunar Command

LEGO Lunar Command Launch two players into space to set up a base and assemble a crew. Players roll the dice to acquire base parts or robot crew members, while also having the option to send UFOs at their opponent.

Weather LEGO Lunar CommandThe two player limitation makes it difficult for the number of simultaneous players, there is a lot of fun to be had. The UFO can take out base prices or bots, allowing for a strategic UFO attack to turn the tide of battle. The ultimate goal is to launch the Lunar Rocket, which is only feasible with a full base and crew.

7 Gather the dwarves in LEGO The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

To match the lego the hobbit sets that were released, LEGO The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey it was released as a game for two to four players. The goal was to discover all the Hobbit holes and collect the most dwarves. Players rolled the dice and moved their character into the Hobbit Holes, where they revealed what lay below.

If a dwarf was revealed, players could take it. If they found a Hobbit or breakfast picture, they had to open another Hobbit hole and find a match. Successful matches awarded a Dwarf. An unexpected Journey it also included variant rules that changed the game for a real adventure.

6 Don’t get lost in the labyrinth of LEGO Minotaurus

In lego minotaur, two to four players are tasked with navigating a tricky maze to the Secret Temple. Wandering the labyrinth is what Minotaur players can use to attack their opponents and knock them out of the labyrinth, forcing them to start over.

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By rolling the dice, players can move their characters or move selected wall pieces to clear their path or block their opponents. Players can set lego minotaur‘ different maze each time, adding variety to each adventure.

5 Shop for treasures at the LEGO Orient Bazaar

LEGO East Bazaar sends players to an exotic market to seek their fortunes in the Far East. Players must collect as many ancient treasures of the same color to sell them for the highest price. Players start with three gold coins, then spend and sell them to get the ancient treasures.

LEGO East Bazaar is a fun game of collecting, matching and light strategy. Through dice rolls, players can also open or close bazaar shops to help themselves or prevent other players from selling their wares. The first player to acquire 15 gold coins wins.

4 Be a magical student at LEGO Hogwarts

Harry Potter fans have been able to build LEGO sets based on the franchise for years, but lego hogwarts Transport two to four players inside the magical castle for a new adventure. Players are tasked with a very studious mission: collect their homework from each class and return to the common room.

Players must navigate Hogwarts secret passageways and moving staircases in their quest. lego hogwarts It’s a fun way to experiencefamous school of witchcraft and wizardry and features small microfigures of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco Malfoy.

3 Relive The Chamber of Secrets with the LEGO Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical Chess mimics the game of chess played at the end of the chamber of secrets book and movie. In a true twist on LEGO, players build the chessboard with the magical pieces, instead of the standard chess pieces.

They can then play a standard game of chess or embark on the epic quest to take Ron, Hermione and Harry through a game of Wizard’s Chess with special, magical rules. The set looks great while being played or displayed on a coffee table.

two Combine LEGO Heroica: Fortann Sets for an ultimate adventure

LEGO created a couple of themed dungeons heroic board games, but heroic lego: fortann is the largest of them and can be combined with the others to get the most heroic experience. Players move through dungeons or castle rooms and encounter enemies that must be defeated with dice rolls.

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The objective of heroic lego: fortann is to escape from dungeons, defeat creatures and collect the most treasures. Like many other LEGO board games, the board itself can be rearranged in many ways, offering a new play experience every time.

1 LEGO Creationary is a creative playground

lego creation puts a LEGO spin on Pictionary. In a game of pure imagination, players must draw a card and then have the other players guess what is on the card by assembling something from the stack of assorted LEGO bricks included in the game.

Players have limited time and pieces, so some ideas require a lot of creative thinking. lego creation It features three difficulty levels for building hints and can hold three to eight players. The game truly captures the creative freedom of the LEGO franchise while putting a fun spin on a board game.

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