The 10 Best Female Actor Voice Performances In Video Games, Ranked

With such popular video game releases in 2022 as The Quarry, Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, and others, it’s clear that hiring professional actors and celebrities to portray characters is a great way to create the most compelling narrative. As games continue to ramp up their immersive technology to become as cinematic as possible, it’s likely that A-list actors and celebrities will continue to lend their talents to such projects.

To celebrate the tremendous performance in video games released in 2022 and beyond, it’s time to look back on some of the most memorable female performances in video games from some of the most famous actresses.


10 Mila Kunis – Saints Row

An excellent voice actor and live action, That 70’s Show Y Forgetting Sarah Marshall Star Mila Kunis played the character of Tanya Winters, a tough, gruff, non-BS taking brothel owner in the 2006 action-adventure game. row of saints Vice Kings’ corrupt lieutenant made history as the series’ first female gang leader, with Kunis sinking her teeth into the role of villain with aplomb.

Playing against type as a ruthless, tight-fisted pimp, Kunis is no less compelling on the big and small screen. Despite playing an unpleasant antagonist, Mila Kunis steals the show in one of her best roles during scenes, especially when she wields her signature Tanya Pistol. While her time in Family man It certainly helped with her vocalizations, the fact that Tanya dies quite early in the game depresses her.

9 Brenda Song – The Quarry

As cinematic as they come, The quarry is a slasher-themed video game set in a summer camp in which various well-known actors voice and motion capture the main characters. The clear standout among them is Brenda Song, the star of Doll face Y pure geniuswho plays Kaitlyn Ka, the mischievous wild card of the camp counselors who are running for their lives.

With 13 potential kills for Kaitlyn in the interactive horror game, Song is tasked with reaching grueling emotional depths as she faces countless werewolf attacks and remains convincing every time. Also, her affection for her Dylan leads to one of the scariest and most emotionally tense moments in the game during the junkyard, making her decisions as important as they come.

8 Rosario Dawson – Dishonored 2

Sin City‘s Rosario Dawson gives a great performance in dishonored 2, in which she plays Dreadful Wale’s one-armed bisexual captain Meagan Foster. Corvo and Emily’s complicated ally has a fascinating history marked by Meagan’s deep regrets and her inability to put her past as Billie Lurk behind her. Dawson senses Meagan’s sad sense of dismay.

When Meagan isn’t barking orders at her men with an angry bite, she often softens with time spent with Sokolov, her best friend and father figure. Dawson delivers a highly balanced and believable turn whose potential death in the Death to Empress mission is genuinely suspenseful and unpredictable.

7 Kelly Hu – Mortal Kombat

The scorpion king Y X-Men United star Kelly Hu has played multiple characters in the acclaimed fighting game series Mortal Kombat series, none more notable than D’Vorah, the main antagonist in mortal kombat x Y mortal kombat 11. While fighting games aren’t often known for their rich characterizations and complex storylines, Hu puts his whole mind, body, and soul into acting in a story arc far larger and more substantial than many playing a character in a single game. .

While many celebrities simply recreate their own image to raise the profile of a video game, Hu fully immerses herself in a character that doesn’t look or sound like her in real life and remains compelling from start to finish. With an even more significant arc in MK11 questioning her villainy, Hu does a great job of making D’Vorah feel three-dimensional.

6 Chloe Grace Moretz – Dishonored

With honorable mentions for its cast members Susan Sarandon and Lena Headey, Kick ass‘s Chloe Grace Moretz showcased her precocious acting talents by playing the role of Emily Kaldwin in dishonorthe popular 2012 action-adventure game. As Emily, the grieving daughter of the murdered Empress Jessamine, Moretz radiates grace under fire, without once indicating.

Toned with the full range of heartfelt emotions far ahead of her 15-year-old years, the way Moretz plays Tanya, who is kidnapped after her mother’s death, only to slowly discover that Corvo was her father all along. time, proves that she can hold her own with professional actors twice her age and carry the emotional crux of a story with the necessary poignancy.

5 Kristen Bell – Assassin’s Creed

veronica mars Star Kristen Bell played the role of Lucy Stillman in three acclaimed Victorian-era films. assassin’s creed games, with her likeness assigned to the character through CGI and motion capture technology since 2007. As a member of the Assassin Order who joins the Templar cause, Bell never hints at her deceitful nature in her role as Lucy , which is a sign of good performance.

Beyond her betrayal of The Order following Abstergo’s infiltration, it’s Lucy’s mysterious relationship with Desmond that truly resonates as the character’s most memorable story. Bell keeps the latest character reveal of hers close to the vest, proving that she has the gifted acting skills to play believable characters in any medium.

4 Carrie-Anne Moss – Mass Effect

protagonist of Matrix, Carrie-Anne Moss gives one of the most badass and dominant performances in any video game as Aria T’Loak, the ruler Omega and Pirate Queen in the mass effect Serie. Reprising the role of her a whopping eight times, the sheer number of story lines and dramatic arcs given to Aria is as full and satisfying as it gets for video game characters.

Armed with earnestness and fiery intensity, Moss fits Aria’s authoritative role like a glove, whether through her flat “I couldn’t care less” tone of voice and her rigid body language that constantly makes the character her own. Besides her creepy demeanor and her mortifying one-liners, it’s Moss’s perfectly timed moments of silence that really speak volumes about her character’s high-powered perception of her.

3 Camila Luddington – Tomb Raider

Camilla Luddington, who appeared in Grey’s Anatomy Y californication, has revitalized the tomb Raider franchise with her electric voice and motion capture performance as Lara Croft for three innings and counting. It’s one thing to play a one-dimensional villain well, it’s quite another to pull off a full, physically demanding turn across multiple games as one of the most iconic video game protagonists.

Performing as convincingly as movie stars Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander do in their big-screen counterparts, Luddington brings her own unique take to the role that feels fresh and exciting but also recognizable enough not to alienate fans, a delicate touch. balancing act indeed. As such, Luddington won the Gamers’ Choice Award for Fan Favorite Female Voice Actor in 2019.

two ashley tisdale house of ashes

high school musical Alumna Ashley Tisdale has been universally praised for her riveting performance in house of ashesthe engaging interactive horror drama that follows a group of war survivors trapped underground with ferocious monsters.

Aside from the extremely realistic portrayal showing her look identical to Rachel King, Tisdale is so real, relatable, and easy to support in the game, especially when she’s separated from her husband Alex for a year in the story. What really sets Tisdale’s performance apart, though, is the fact that she’s never acted in a horror movie or TV show before, proving that she can venture into new territory just as adeptly as she can in more challenging projects. relatives.

1 Ashley Johnson – The Last of Us

Often considered the most memorable female voice acting and motion capture performance in a video game, Blind point‘s Ashley Johnson breaks hearts, shatters souls and kicks serious butt as Ellie Williams in The last of us series, especially given his complex relationship with Joel (Pedro Pascal).

The character’s evolution from an innocent but unabashed 14-year-old apocalyptic survivor to a much more capable and autonomous heroine has all the makings of great writing, with Ashley doing a great job of conveying Ellie’s emotions along the way. . As a gifted singer, Johnson transcends the role of an actor by performing the song “Through the Valley,” lending even more emotional weight to Ellie as the subverted damsel in distress.

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