The 10 Best Co-Op Games Like Grounded, Ranked

the long awaited Grounded from Obsidian Entertainment has finally left early access and is fully released. Of course, that means that it is now available with the plethora of games that have the same genres, the survival and adventure genre to be specific.

And since these genres have been around for over a decade, it has a lot of competition. Thankfully Grounded stands out in terms of its competitors, its unique theme is something not many games have. But if the topic is great games with the aforementioned genres that have the ability to connect cooperatively, GroundedThe uniqueness of may not be so unique.


10/10 Green Hell

Survival is never easy, not even in a video game. Green Hell is an open world survival game that challenges players not only against the prey lurking in the jungle, but also against the harsh environment that kills people with a single misstep. From poisonous foods to mental decay, Green Hell it challenges a player’s patience and mental toughness to do whatever it takes to survive.

Related: 10 Best Adventure Games, According To RankerFortunately, exploring such a dangerous place is only one option, Green Hell allows up to 4 players to take on your world. similar to Grounded, players will have to deal with the environment and the creatures that inhabit it, be it snakes, crocodiles, or other aggressive creatures that you would expect in a jungle-like environment. All while trying to gather the resources to support themselves.

9/10 ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the few pioneering games in the survival and adventure genre. Its premise is simple but tempting enough, wake up on an island full of dinosaurs and survive. similar to Groundedplayers can build bases and tame creatures to help them on their adventure.

On a non-dedicated server, players can bring up to 3 other players to help them on their journey. As one of the best games where you have to survive in the wild, ARK has a lot of content such as alpha dinosaurs that are extremely stronger than normal dinosaurs but drop huge loot and raids where players summon a boss to fight and survive. .

8/10 no man’s sky

Nothing says going on an adventure in an unknown world quite like literally taking a spaceship and traveling to different galaxies. no man’s sky It suffered from a catastrophic launch when it was first released, but dozens of improvements have been made since then. Players can now travel through galaxies with up to 4 people. This game has a lot of unique environments similar to GroundedIn the world of , the experience of exploring a whole new area is also the same.

Build bases, fight enemies and gather resources, no man’s sky provides a great experience for gamers looking to get their survival game fix. With numerous DLC to boot, players can be expected to have at least tens of hours occupied as they get to grips with this amazing co-op space game.

7/10 Don’t starve together

Following the name of the game, one can easily infer the intention behind it. Don’t starve together is a standalone multiplayer expansion for the highly skilled don’t starve. Lead up to 6 players into a whimsical world filled with monsters and creatures whose weaknesses can only be learned through trial and error. The only way to survive is by collecting materials, crafting, and joining.

Related: 10 Best Cooperative Couch Games Of All Time, According To MetacriticAs of right now, there are a total of 25 playable characters, each with their respective properties that make them unique. As is most of the time for this type of game, and definitely in the case of Grounded, players must delegate tasks among themselves to keep their team afloat. Such as collecting food and water, making sure insects don’t destroy property, and looking for hazards.

6/10 Valheim

Valheim is a game inspired by mythology, Norse mythology to be specific. The player is led by Odin’s raven familiar, cast into the world to fight and defeat legendary foes beyond mortal standards. The best thing is that you can bring up to 10 friends to accompany you on this great trip.

But to fight against the gods you have to be ready, and to be ready players will need a base of operations. Create a village for you and your friends, equipped with a farm for food supplies and a blacksmith to strengthen armor and tools. I like it Grounded progression builds from there, going through different eras in technology to oppose larger enemies.

5/10 Astronaut

Space has never been more comfortable. In a nutshell, compared to other space exploration games. Astronaut caters more to an audience that wants to kick back and enjoy a game without too much stress. As one of the best games where players need to relax, Astronaut it doesn’t skimp on quality and proves to be an impressive immersive experience.

The best part is that the experience can be shared with 3 other players, making space a great trip for 4 people. As both Grounded Y Astronaut are sandbox type games, players can build bases using the exotic materials scattered around the environment.

4/10 The forest

The forest is a classic cooperative survival adventure game dating back to 2014, in the early days of online gaming. Although compared to then, the game has a lot of features now. An example would be like The forest in 2014 it didn’t even have a story. It wasn’t until recently that a full story was implemented. And luckily all of that can now be experienced with up to 8 people.

Related: 10 Beautiful Video Games To Help You Escape Into The WildIn The forest, players are tasked with braving cannibal-filled forests in search of their kidnapped son after a mysterious incident stuck on his plane. You can build a base with traps and fortified wood to defend yourself at night, similar to Grounded night tends to be the most dangerous. Other than that, players must delve into deep caves to find clues that will help the plot progress.

3/10 zombie project

Zombie-themed games have been around since the dawn of video games, but not many of these games tend to focus on the survival aspect of a zombie apocalypse. zombie project it’s about that survival experience. Like in Groundedplayers must search for food, clean clothes, water, electricity, and weapons to survive.

Considered one of the best zombie survival horror games, zombie project provides an experience like no other. A single scratch or bite in this world could mean death, and there is nothing you can do about it. In that moment when you see a friend get bitten, you start to wonder if being around them is really the safest option.

2/10 Minecraft

Minecraft has been rated the best-selling game of all time since its release over a decade ago. While the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch version of the game appears to only allow up to 10 players in a world, the PC version can allow nearly 100 players if set up correctly.

Conquer dungeons, create automated farms, build homes, and kill the bosses the world has to offer. similar to Grounded, Minecraft it has seemingly endless content, with a common motto among gamers being that the limit is one person’s imagination. But just the idea of ​​gathering a group of friends and creating a personal world full of things that only you understand is enough to attract most people.

1/10 Raft

Raft is one of the few games in the genre that is completely unique in both concept and gameplay, both aspects make it completely parallel to Grounded. It’s simple yet enticing, first of all, players spawn on a 2×2 raft made of rickety materials. Your first goal is to gather materials and expand. From there, they don’t even need instructions, meet up in the ocean while floating, roam the islands and find out what happened to the world.

This game allows up to eight people, quite large considering the starting conditions. Recently, the game was fully released, revealing a story developed with NPCs and real voice acting. The gameplay loop is addictive and immersive in addition to the stunning visuals and beautiful background music. Collect, build, survive, that’s what this game is about. And all for the low price of $20.

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