The 10 best BioWare games, according to Metacritic

From BioWare’s game announcement, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, receiving a new version, fans continue to look for updates and news about the game. However, it was apparently delayed indefinitely due to a restructuring within the company (read: redundancy). With that being said, expectant fans still consider the game to be a work in progress and are eagerly waiting for it to be yet to come.

And BioWare has plenty of other great games for fans to play in the meantime. While not every game has been a complete success, many BioWare-developed titles have great scores on Metacritic and are great for players to pick up or fans to revisit.


10 MDK 2: Armageddon (2001) – 80

MDK 2 is one of BioWare’s oldest games and one of the few non-RPG games they have developed. The game has been described as interesting and entertaining for various reasons.

MDK 2 follows the three main characters: a mad scientist, his janitor, and a robotic dog who fight to save Earth from nasty alien invaders. Many reviewers and gamers enjoyed the sense of humor and variety of gameplay that made it worth playing. One of the downsides many reviews mention came from those with the Dreamcast versions, with most of these versions having less than stellar visuals and quality compared to the other platforms the game was available on.

9 Dragon Age: Origins (2009) – 86

Dragon Age: Origins would kick off the franchise, introducing characters, the kingdom, and making it known that player choices are extremely important in the game. Weather Inquisition would be a little better than originsit still has many great qualities that have been praised.

Four hundred years since the last Blight, players must unite the divided armies of Ferelden to save humanity from a new Archfiend. Critics have described origins so addictive and fantastic deep story with lots of fighting fun. However, some players did not like the gameplay, finding the missions tedious and stating that the animation was not up to par.

8 Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014) – 89

the dragon age The franchise has become a beloved series that stole the hearts of many BioWare fans. With a fourth game in the works, fans are already expecting certain choices to become canon at dragon age 4. For now, Dragon Age: Inquisition it remains a fan favorite for many reasons.

Taking on the role of the Inquisitor, the story follows the player and their journey to resolve civil unrest and close a mysterious tear in the sky that is releasing demons into the world. Described as an epic story with a huge and impressive world with believable characters by critics and fans alike, it received a lot of great feedback. But while many enjoyed the story, some commented that they found it boring, with too many side quests, and what they felt was terrible pacing.

7 Jade Empire (2005) – 89

Most BioWare RPGs have a theme and world, among other aspects of the game, inspired by one thing or another. In 2005, they developed a game inspired by Chinese mythology and set in an ancient mythical kingdom.

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jade empire gives players the ability to train in martial arts and mystical powers. Critics and gamers describe the game as having beautiful graphics, talented voice acting and dialogue, and a great story. But some gamers just call it a good game, saying that the game felt too repetitive and boring, while lacking any real story or character depth.

6 Mass Effect (2008) – 89

Widely known among BioWare fans, mass effect began the journey of players as Shepard, destined to protect the galaxy. He also introduced a vast and expansive universe that they could travel through. As Shepard, players must collect intel and fight Geth enemies to take down Saren and Sovereign. Like the previous games mentioned, the player’s choices affect the story, such as the results of choosing between saving the characters Ashley or Kaidan.

The game received many comments for the outstanding visuals and innovative gameplay and story. The two most common dislikes are from some users and reviewers, with one reviewer describing the game as crumbling and one user commenting that the side quests and locations got boring and are pretty much the same, every time.

5 Neverwinter Nights (2002) – 91

As part of the kingdom of Baulder’s Gate, this game brings a little more to the plot, adding more mystery to the story. So for gamers who enjoy mystery, controversy, and role-playing games, never winter it’s a good option

In never winter, an evil force has awakened in the Forgotten Realms. Players must discover the conspiracy and the person who betrayed them in the fight between good and evil and survival. Critics and fans alike enjoyed the deep plot, how immersive it is, and how addictive it can be. But as with all games, there were some negative reviews from players who didn’t enjoy the main plot and mentioned that there are no real choices or consequences that change the story.

4 Baldur’s Gate (1998) – 91

Sometimes the next installment in a game franchise can be better than the first. Although that is the case for the baldur’s gate games, the first one is still a fan favorite and where it all started. baldur’s gate takes players to the Forgotten Realms, bringing to life a medieval fantasy world where player choices determine the outcome of the nation.

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The first game received much praise from critics who complimented its stat-heavy gameplay and environment. Some users commented that they found the game confusing on their first playthrough, but that they enjoyed it and that the atmosphere and plot added to the experience. Some minor complaints came from those who found the game’s story boring and not engaging enough and disliked the music and mechanics.

3 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) – 94

BioWare is not only known for games like mass effect Y dragon age but also for KOTOR. KOTOR it’s gained a huge fan base as well as a great mobile app version of the game, and considering how many great reviews it’s received, it’s no surprise a remake is in the works.

KOTOR is set 4,000 years before the first Star Wars movie, where there is an ongoing war between the Jedi and the Sith, and the role of the players determines the outcome of the war and their destiny as a Jedi. Many critics and fans found the game fun due to the vast areas to explore and the mechanics that added strategic ways to use the force and wield lightsabers. However, some criticized the graphics, saying that they are lackluster and that the plot is more boring than entertaining.

two Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn (2000) – 95

In addition to the console games that BioWare has developed, it has also developed a few games strictly for PC, and one of the best is Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It is set in the southern part of the Sword Coast and features 300 spells and more than 130 types of monsters, with many more features than the first game.

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Reviewers praised the game, noting that the added spells, monsters, quests, and side quests provided much more entertainment, and that the writing was some of the best. While many users loved it for similar reasons, some experienced a lot of lag, felt the visuals and sounds were inferior, and felt the game was overrated.

1 Mass Effect 2 (2010) – 96

RPGs are one of BioWare’s most popular genres, and many of them have been very successful. A great example is the second entry in the mass effect franchise, mass effect 2.

Following the events of the first game, in which the main character assumes the role of Shepard and defeats Saren and his army of Geth soldiers, the second game continues with Shepard and his fight to defeat the Reapers. The game received a stellar score from users and critics alike, praising it for its top-notch combat, voice acting, and story. The few complaints it received are from players who found the decisions they had to make annoying and that teammates weren’t the best during combat scenes due to moving in front of players while shooting.

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