Telltale Games Refuses To Say Whether The Wolf Among Us 2 Or The Expanse Will Release First

When asked, the official Telltale Games Twitter account did not confirm if the wolf among us 2 either the expansion would release first, though both are slated to release in 2023. Ever since Telltale Games more or less reformed, fans have been excited to see how the current studio tackles the episodic adventures the company is known for. His return came along with the announcement of the wolf among us 2and this took place at The Game Awards in 2019.

Another Telltale Games project, the expansionit was announced in 2021. the wolf among us 2 continues the story of Bigby Wolf in the land of Fabletown, while the expansion takes place in the titular universe aboard the ship, Artemis, as XO Camina Drummer. Both titles have a lot of buzz surrounding them, and if they both release next year, it could be a nice comeback for Telltale Games.


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Many may assume that the wolf among us 2 It’s released first since it was first announced, but that’s not always how it works in the gaming industry. So when the Telltale Games Twitter account says it can’t confirm which will release first (but remains adamant that both will release in 2023), this is an understandable statement. Not a real cause for concern. What’s good, though, is just before the Telltale account said it intends to let “developers, developers” and wants to avoid generating too much hype too soon.

Given the recent trend of some companies announcing games too early, this is a breath of fresh air. For example, Todd Howard of Bethesda recently said fallout 5 would be the next game after The Elder Scrolls 6but the latter is still nowhere near release and the company’s next game, star field, has not been released yet. Knowledge Fall has a future is nice, but knowing it’s a decade away isn’t really helpful.

While the fans still have to wait the wolf among us 2 Y the expansionMost of the development trailers and reveals have been mostly positive. In the case of the wolf among us 2fans know that the reformed Telltale Games isn’t using any of the material created before the previous Telltale’s closure, and that each episode of the wolf among us 2 is developing simultaneously. While the episodic structure shouldn’t go anywhere, having every episode available on day one should go a long way toward bringing fans back (and hopefully attracting some newcomers as well).

the wolf among us 2 Y the expansion are in development.

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