Tax holidays help Florida families and local businesses

In a state with more than 1,000 miles of coastline, Floridians are no stranger to severe weather. History has shown that all regions of Florida are vulnerable to hurricanes. From the Keys to the Panhandle, hurricanes can put our families, homes, and businesses at risk. That’s why we prepare.

Hurricane season begins June 1 and now is the time to prepare for whatever may come our way. Starting May 27, Floridians can stock up and pay tax-free on essential disaster preparedness items. When you’re stocking up, I encourage you to support the neighbors in your community by choosing to shop at a local retailer.

Scott Shalley is the President and CEO of the Florida Retail Federation.- Original Credit: Courtesy Photo
Scott Shalley is the President and CEO of the Florida Retail Federation.– Original Credit: Courtesy Photo

The Florida Legislature this year passed HB 7063, which was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis, to provide savings to Florida families on hurricane season essentials, as well as summer activities, tools and back to school. . The legislation revamps our state’s traditional sales tax holiday and expands it to include more days and more items.

Florida’s disaster preparedness sales tax holiday is extended by four weeks this year. The first chance to save is extended through June 9. There are dozens of items eligible to purchase tax-free, including flashlights, tarps, generators, smoke detectors, and even pet supplies. New to the list of eligible items this year are common household items like detergent, paper towels, soap, and trash bags.

You can stock up now and then stock up again during the second Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Free Weekend planned for this year from August 26 to September 8.

Florida families can also bring home tax-free summer fun during the Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday, which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

As summer comes to an end and it’s time to go back to school, the Back to School Sales Tax Exemption offers tax savings on school supplies, electronics and clothing. Floridians can purchase these items from July 24 to August 6.

There is also a Tool Time sales tax moratorium that provides tax relief on tools typically used by skilled workers. Consumers can save on items like power tools, work boots and tool boxes from September 2-8.

Sales tax exemptions are more than just a tax exemption. These savings opportunities can generate positive impacts on employment, income and tax revenue.

There are more than 274,000 retail businesses throughout the Sunshine State. More than 3.6 million jobs are tied to the industry, or nearly a third of all jobs in Florida. When customers choose to save on their purchases at Florida retail stores, they are supporting Florida businesses to create jobs, invest in their equipment and prosper.

Get started with the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday from May 27 to June 9. Prepare for severe weather with tax savings on essential items to keep your family, homes and businesses safe.

But don’t miss the other tax savings on offer this year for summer activities, back-to-school, and tools. When you do, be sure to “Find it in Florida.” Shop local to support your neighbors and your community.

Scott Shalley is the president and CEO of the Florida Retail Federation.