Tackle Hunger and Careit team up for 2023 Souper Bowl of Caring to raise $5 million to feed those in need across the country

Communities across the US can unite to change the rules of the game for all 33rd annual campaign up to March, 15th

HOUSTON, January 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — What would happen if each person watching the Great Game donated only $1 or a can of food to make sure no one runs out of soup in their bowl? Tackle Hunger, a national nonprofit organization that hosts the beloved Souper Bowl of Caring, and Careit, a free app that offers an online hunger-fighting matching marketplace with commercial surplus food, have partnered for the 33rd Bowl of honey soup.

Both organizations encourage schools, businesses, religious organizations, civic groups and individuals to participate in this annual event to fight hunger and poverty in their communities. Local food charities can be found on the Tackle Hunger Map. The goal of this year’s Souper Bowl of Caring is to raise $5 millionthat would provide 15 million meals to hungry people in the US.

“Upon $16 billion it is spent on food and entertainment during the Big Game weekend. If all who saw gave $1 or a can of food, that would be a game changer!” he said alison reeseExecutive Director of Tackle Hunger & Souper Bowl of Caring. “In partnership with Careit, our goal is to harness the energy of the Great Game as a national movement to inspire people to donate locally and make a collective impact on hunger in their community.”

“Food connects people. Sharing a meal with loved ones can be a healthy feeling. Sharing surplus food with nonprofits provides a safety net for the most vulnerable in our community,” she said. Alyson SchillCareit CEO. “Careit was designed to connect us and create a great virtual community table, and we are excited to partner with Tackle Hunger to combat food waste and provide food to various charities and people in need.”

Participating is easy! Visit tacklehunger.org to register your group and get the resources you need for your food drive in support of Souper Bowl of Caring. Download the step-by-step playbook and see below all the ways you can make a difference:

donate your time
Host a school, church, or community food and dollar drive during or around the Super Bowl Sunday, February 12, 2023. Remember to share your photos and stories on social media using @TackleHunger or #TackleHunger to inspire others to join the movement. Visit tacklehunger.org to sign up and get started today!

donate your food
Grocery stores, commercial kitchens, corporations and municipalities can download the free Careit app to donate their unopened surplus food in support of the Souper Bowl of Caring. With Careit, businesses can offer any edible surplus food donations and are legally protected through the Good Samaritan Act. Available nonprofits claim food, arrange transportation, and track donation details and weight, all within the Careit app.

donate your dollars
Individuals, corporations, schools, faith groups and more can donate directly to the 2023 Souper Bowl of Caring to help Tackle Hunger in its mission to support local food charities across the country. You can also become a member of Tackle Hunger and sponsor the organization.

Since 1990, more than $175 million has been donated to local food charities in all fifty states with more than 305,000 unique groups participating through the Souper Bowl of Caring.

Each year, Tackle Hunger encourages participants and the public to continue supporting food banks, soup kitchens, food pantries, and church pantries through donations and volunteerism. For more information and to get involved in the Souper Bowl of Caring, visit tacklehunger.org.

About Addressing Hunger

Tackle Hunger is a national nonprofit organization that is home to the “Souper Bowl of Caring,” a movement that has inspired people across the country to fight hunger for more than 30 years. The organization coordinates efforts to fight hunger through its digital platform of fundraising services created to support food charities large and small. have created almost $180 million support value that stays local. For more information, visit tacklehunger.org.

About Careit

Careit is a free app that connects commercial food donors with the most inclusive network of nonprofit organizations in the country. Businesses register to make food donations simple, track their impact, and keep track of tax-deductible contributions. Careit has helped more than 1,600 grocery food donors connect with more than 770 local food recovery nonprofits and service providers through its platform. More than 5,330,000 pounds of food from 18,600 donations have been registered with Careit. For more information, visit careitapp.com.

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