System Shock Download Size – How big is the new version of System Shock?

The long-awaited new version of System Shock is here in 2023: what is the file size?

Updated: May 26, 2023 3:14 PM

System Shock download size

System Shock is almost here, but what’s the System Shock download size? Well, even though the release date is closer than ever, you probably want to know if you need to free up space on your PC. The enhanced edition of the original 1994 classic only required 1 GB of space. However, the most recent edition of System Shock is a complete new version, with beautiful modern graphics to welcome you to 2023.

The immersive sci-fi horror gameplay of the action-adventure game is sure to win over players of the originals as well as attract a new generation of fans. Various demos have been available for the game during its development, from the original 2016 announcement to a recent updated demo from 2021. Many things can change at that time, including the download size.

The system requirements for the game have been available for a while and tell us what kind of space you need available on your hard drive/SSD to be able to install the game. Let’s get straight to the details.

System Shock download size

What we currently know about the official download size is what we can see on the Steam store page’s system requirements. Here, the specifications mention that a minimum storage space of 10 GB is required. This is the same for the recommended specs, as usual. So make sure you free up 10 GB of space if you really need it. This is small for such a modern game, but perhaps the retro gameplay and level design of the sci-fi title help optimize the file size.

Although the requirements list 10 GB, we expect the compressed build to be between 3 and 5 GB for the System Shock remake at launch.

System Shock demo download size

We mentioned that there have been multiple demos for the new version of System Shock in the lead up to its final release. Demos seem like a pretty retro way to show off games these days, but that’s pretty fitting for a game like this. This year, there was a demo update on February 7th for Steam Next Fest, while original Kickstarter backers got the ‘Kickstarter Backer Beta’ on March 3rd.

On the GOG store page, the demo size is listed as only 1.4 GB.

Frequently asked questions about the new version of System Shock

Is the System Shock remake file size big?

No, the file size for the new version of System Shock is incredibly low for a 2023 version. Based on the system requirements, only 10 GB of space is needed for the game.

How do I download the new version of System Shock?

System Shock will be available on Windows after its initial release on May 30, 2023. That means it’s coming to online stores like Steam, Epic Games, and GOG.

Simply go to your preferred store and purchase the game to download and install it.

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