Switched from Apple TV to Android TV – found a lot of features I didn’t have before

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During the last years, the <a href="https://www.xataka.com/analisis/apple-tv-4k-2021-analisis-caracteristicas-precio-especificaciones">AppleTV</a> It has been my go-to media player on any TV and tvOS my go-to system for it.  And don't get me wrong, I still like it and actually still use it on occasion.  Nevertheless, <strong>having tried Android TV has made me obtain many advantages</strong> regarding the Apple device.

Even if you push me, I would say that I am even having a much more pleasant experience than with other television systems that I have tried, such as those from Samsung and LG. I’ll tell you later What are the strengths of Android TV? which, at least in my humble opinion, make using it a great experience.

Shortcuts at the push of a button on the remote

Although reviled by many, the Siri Remote, which is what the Apple TV remote is officially called, was one of the great assets that Apple devices had. Compact, comfortable and with a trackpad with which to move easily. At first I was horrified to see the huge knob. of my television with Android TV.

However, as the days went by, I not only got used to my hand, but also to my habits. I saw immediately how satisfying it was press the Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ button that was already on the remote. Useful, easy and fast, since it works anywhere in the system.

Application buttons

However, it fell short. In those I remembered the Button Mapper app, which is precisely oriented in customize all buttons on the remote. This is how I managed to index the apps that I use the most in my day to day and that did not have an adapted button like the ones mentioned above by default. The result: a wonder. I can even take screenshots!

recommendations, thanks

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There are not a few criticisms that I have read about the interface of Android TV and Google TV, and more specifically in its recommendation system. It is true that they make the interface somewhat more complex and less minimalist than tvOS (Apple TV), but It has discovered great jewels for me and it saved more than one night when I didn’t know what to see.

Series, movies, documentaries… The recommendations inherited from Google TV seem adequate to me. As always, I have not liked everything that has been recommended to me and sometimes I have left it halfway. However, on most occasions it has served me well. avoid wasting time navigating between different streaming apps. I entrust everything to an eye-catching cover and Forward.

Android TV special: these are the best apps you can download

Android TV special: these are the best apps you can download

Consume my own content

mobile tv

On an Apple TV, you can AirPlay content from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The Photos app also lets you play photos and videos synced by iCloud. However, it is not allowed add content directly via external USB stick or similar. On my Android TV, yes.

And this is something that I have greatly appreciated in order to consume content that I have stored on external drives. And yes, I am aware of the possibility to create a local network and use a media player to play it on Apple TV. Nevertheless, the simplicity with which it is done on Android TV It is what in the end makes me see this section as another positive point in my experience of change.

How to connect the mobile to the TV: so you can easily share the screen

How to connect the mobile to the TV: so you can easily share the screen

Although surfing the Internet on a TV is not comfortable, now I can do it

android tv browser

I think, and I think most people do too, that surfing the Internet is much more comfortable on a mobile phone than on a computer. On a TV it is uncomfortable because it does not have a trackpad or mouse to scroll, in addition to losing typical features such as the marker bars and others. However, this does not prevent punctually it is useful to me.

In addition to downloading APKs, as I will tell you in the next section, the Android TV web browsers have eventually allowed me to resort to watching some video content that can only be viewed via the web. On tvOS, unless you used AirPlay with the iPhone, you couldn’t. And it is that in the Apple system there is no way to install a browser.

The best web browsers for Android TV

The best web browsers for Android TV

Welcome to third-party (and trustworthy) APKs


Not that I’m a big fan of APKs. Not for security reasons or anything, since knowing what is downloaded and from where, there should be no problem. I am not because both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store offer me everything I need. Nevertheless, Occasionally I find an app that is not available there and being able to download it from a trusted repository is critical to me.

It goes without saying that it is impossible to install applications of this type on the Apple TV. However, on Android TV and thanks precisely to a web browser, it is possible to download APKs that are then installed on the system. Of course, for this you need a file manager that I will just tell you about in the last point.

Managing files is wonderful

Android TV Archives

Following on from the above, a system file manager allows you to access the downloaded APKs and proceed with their installation. Although in my case it is much more than that, since I am one of those who like explore all system folders and, when I delete an app, for example, I like to make sure that no trace of it is left in these folders.

Similarly, I also think that the idea of ​​having a file manager for have content on the TV’s internal storage, passing it precisely from the external memory. Although, without needing to do so, an app of this type is also essential for me to access the folders of that external storage device.

And it is that, as you may have guessed, Apple TVs do not allow you to manage internal files with apps of this type. Not even the “Files” app that we have on iOS and iPadOS is available on your OS, while on Android TV there are many applications They serve as file managers.

I still have an Apple TV, but not on my main TV anymore


In conclusion to all that has been said, I must say that I still have an Apple TV on the television that I have in the bedroom. That, despite being ‘Smart’, it does not have such an intuitive operating system and the truth is that tvOS still seems like a great system to me for media consumption.

However, on my main TV in the living room, which is the one I use the most, I wouldn’t think of using anything other than Android TV for all the advantages it has brought me. Y especially when I use an Android mobilesince the Apple TV with the iPhone works well (although also with limitations), but with Android nothing is understood.

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