STR and Gautham Karthik elevate this rather attractive gangster flick

Pathu Thala Movie Synopsis: An undercover cop sets out to find a feared gangster in Nagercoil after a big shot goes missing, but discovers things may not be as they seem.

Pathu Thala Movie Review: The South Indian film industries have no shortage of movies depicting the rivalry between a fearless policeman and a feared gangster. However, what really makes a movie stand out in this genre are the events and incidents that unfold, bringing the audience closer to the world of the characters. Pathu Thala, the official Tamil remake of the hit Kannada film Mufti, has some memorable moments, however the film’s attempt to constantly engage the audience seems forced at times.

The story follows Shakthivel (Gautham Karthik), an undercover cop, as he investigates the disappearance of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (Santhosh Pratap). He believes that a feared gangster, AGR (Silambarasan TR), is responsible. However, AGR’s stronghold in the sand mining business makes it difficult for Shakthivel to gather evidence against it. As Shakthivel works to earn AGR’s trust, he discovers shocking revelations that shake his resolve.

Similar to the original film, STR appears predominantly in the second half of Pathu Thala. However, this is where the narrative becomes tighter and more engaging. The opening sequences in which Shakthivel learns about the influence and power of AGR fall short and lack the impact that would engage the audience. But the soul of the film lies in the after-interval sequences, with STR delivering an outstanding performance.

While the trope of a gangster being a do-gooder to the people around him and a criminal in the eyes of the government is nothing new, the staging and drama in the film’s second half make it more appealing. Pathu Thala incorporates elements of betrayal and bloody violence, as is typical of gangster movies, but fails to create a lasting impact or strong connection to the central characters.

Despite its flaws, the movie is quite an entertaining gangster flick that will mostly satisfy STR fans. The climactic fight sequence is accompanied by an effective background score by AR Rahman, which strikes a chord with the audience and elevates its impact. However, the movie could have done without a song with Simbu in the second half, as it adds little value to the story. Priya Bhavani Shankar gives a decent performance as the district collector, but the flashbacks of her with Gautham Karthik could have been more shocking.

The intense performances by Silambarasan and Gautham Karthik make us overlook some of the logical mistakes made by the writer. Gautham, in particular, manages to come across as authentic as an undercover cop. Gautham Vasudev Menon’s performance as Deputy Chief Minister is commendable, and the technical aspects of the film are quite efficient, with only a couple of out-of-focus shots.

Overall, Pathu Thala may not be a great movie for those who watched the original, but the lead actors and some highlights are still worth watching.

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