Stereotypical revenge thriller that succeeds in the end

My name is Vendetta (My name is vendetta) is an Italian-language revenge thriller about an ex-mobster who sets out on a path of revenge after the murder of his wife and brother-in-law. The film is directed by Cosimo Gomez and written by him, Sandrone Dazieri and Andrea Nobile. Also, it stars Alessandro Gassmann in the title role.

The full cast of the action movie includes Ginevra Francesconi as Sofia, Remo Girone as Mafia Don, Marcello Mazzarella, Sinja Dieks, Alessio Praticò, Gabriele Falsetta, and Marco Boriero. Additionally, Vittorio Omodei Zorini serves as the film’s cinematographer, while Alessio Doglione heads the editing department.

The official synopsis of the film reads like this

When enemies from the past kill his wife and brother-in-law, an ex-mobster and his daughter flee to Milan to plot their revenge.

-My name is Vendetta The review does not contain spoilers-

The action-packed film opens with a brief context about retired mob henchman Santo, who now lives with his wife and teenage daughter Sofía, in a secluded and safe location. Furthermore, the former member of the crime family has managed to hide his past life from his daughter and prefers to live the rest of his life in the same way.

One day, Sofia uploads an Instagram story of her father (without his consent) and invites a series of lethal troubles into their peaceful world. A simple story on social media, shared with her friends, exposes Santo’s identity to his enemies and creates an uproar all around. What happens next is a slightly average version of Cronenberg. a history of violencewho eventually redeems himself in the end.

The entire revenge setup of the film is an ancient story, working only when both the action and the script are equally powerful. Nevertheless, My name is Vendetta it lacks in the last part but makes up for the mess in the first. The movie lives and breathes action sequences and doesn’t convey all the right kinds of emotion, until the end of the second half.

Almost everything is predictable in the story, but the execution itself keeps it from falling apart. Director Cosimo Gomez takes all the elements of a stereotypical revenge saga and then successfully steers them in the right direction, with redeemable flaws. In particular, the final cut of a phone call is something he didn’t expect.

My name is Vendetta
Still from the action thriller My Name Is Vendetta

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The acting part is well balanced throughout the film and only fails in the hospital scene. Other than that, the combination of Alessandro Gassmann and Ginevra Francesconi holds the strength quite convincingly and produces a shocking end result.

I was really impressed with the way things played out in this Italian action movie, but I couldn’t get the facial recognition technology to track someone from their Instagram story. Maybe it’s a good warning not to post photos of anyone without their consent (Who knows if it could be another henchman?).

My name is Vendetta Final Thoughts

My name is Vendetta
Still from the action thriller My Name Is Vendetta

This action-packed ride is a must-try and you won’t be disappointed with your time. Although it has few distracting moments, the montage-filled climax will definitely make up for it. Plus, it’s a friendly reminder of the ethics of social media.

You can stream the movie on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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