Spotify has curated playlists for you, here’s how to find them

Spotify has a song category where listeners can quickly access various playlists that have been created especially for them and are regularly updated.

Spotify has a vast arsenal of all kinds of music, so much so that it can be a bit overwhelming to find playlists that fit exactly what a listener is looking for. In case a person wants to discover new music and at the same time make sure that they are directed only to the tracks that suit their musical preferences, Spotify has a special feature that makes use of the predictive capabilities of the platform and brings together mixes that are made up of songs. the app thinks the user might like it. Think of it as Spotify’s way of taking over DJ responsibilities by collating tunes into nifty genre-specific playlists.


Spotify is easily one of the most used streaming audio services for Android and iPhone users. The mobile app is very easy to navigate and very intuitive when it comes to suggesting new songs to listen to. The fact that it’s so easy to find improvisations for any mood or occasion makes sharing musical discoveries with others a lot of fun. The music service’s special sauce, however, is its expanded library of song compilations spanning multiple categories curated by Spotify itself, for people looking for some guidance on what to listen to when they don’t know exactly what their sonic mood is. by.

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Spotify users looking for a fresh place to start in the app can venture into the app’Made for you‘ category. This is where users can easily find the songs they might like compiled into playlists helpfully organized by genre, artist, decade, or mood. These mixes are specially selected by Spotify based on a person’s listening habits, including tracks they like, share, save or skip on the app, as well as the habits of those who share the same musical inclinations. Users can usually find the ‘Made for you‘ Spotify category directly on the home page. Another quick way is by going to Spotify’s’Search‘ and heading to the ‘Made for you‘navigation category.

Search for Spotify mixes specially designed for a specific genre

While visiting Spotify’s’Made for you‘ is a tried and true method of accessing playlists that, as the category name implies, are made for the user, using the search function is also a fun way to discover special song mixes. To do this, simply type any genre in the search field, followed by the word ‘mixture‘. In the list of Spotify search results, the first option should be a playlist with songs that Spotify specifically chose and tagged as ‘Made for you‘. Select the preferred playlist and start enjoying a compilation of melodies according to the genre desired by the user.

Like all Spotify playlists generated and compiled under the ‘Made for you‘, these special genre mixes are regularly updated as the user listens to more songs in the app. This feature ensures that all track sets are constantly updated and the listener is almost always hearing something new. If a special cure Spotify genre mix has tunes that a person would like to hear again in the future, you’re better off saving the current collection to a new playlist or simply adding individual tracks to already existing compilations in your music library.

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