Sports betting in Texas: when will it be legalized, how to bet online, where to find tips, football promotions

There are several states waiting to legalize online sports betting, and Texas is currently one of them. While efforts to legalize sports betting in Texas failed in 2021, there is still hope that it will become a reality in the near future. The Lone Star State is gearing up for a big gubernatorial election, and one candidate has already mentioned that he would back an initiative to legalize sports betting in Texas if he becomes governor. There is no doubt that the Texas mobile sports betting issue will come up again once someone is elected next month.

If Texas online sports betting becomes legal, then the latest Texas sports betting bonus offer and Texas sports betting promo code could be very popular with new bettors in Texas. Before Texas online sportsbooks get the go-ahead, new punters should be familiar with common sports betting terminology. Here’s a guide to sports betting terms from our friends at SportsLine to help you prepare should Texas online sportsbooks ever become a reality.

How to Bet on Sports in Texas When Legalized

There are various ways to place sports bets both online and at retail sportsbooks and many types of bets that you will want to become familiar with.

Against the Spread – Football is huge in Texas, so you need to know how spread betting works. If Dallas is listed as the 7.5-point favorite against Los Angeles, that team must win by 8 points or more to cover the spread. LA can cover that spread by winning outright or losing by 7 points or less.

Teaser: This bet type allows you to set a point spread. If Dallas and Houston are seven-point favorites and you’re not sure if they’ll cover their spreads, you can use a six-point lead to leave each team a -1 favorite and only need two points to cover. Both the risk and the reward are less.

Pushing – If neither team in a game can cover the spread, it is considered a push. If Dallas closes out as a three-point favorite against Philadelphia and then wins the game 27-24, neither team covers the spread and all bets are returned.

Where to Find the Best Texas Sports Betting Tips

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