Splatoon 3 is already banning cheaters from the game

Nintendo has already started cracking down on cheaters in Splatoon 3, issuing bans before the start of its Splatfest World Premiere Demo.

Splatoon 3 Players have a chance to take a look at the highly anticipated sequel to the popular squid shooter. With the release of the latest splatoon Just a couple of weeks from now, Nintendo released the world premiere demo of Splatfest. Players can try out the game’s standard Splatfest battles during the first half of the event, with the second half switching to the new Tricolor Turf Wars. Now, reports are coming out that some cheaters are already getting bans before the demo.


Prominent Splatoon 3 Leaker OatmealDome confirmed that Nintendo has already started issuing bans to some players even before the event starts. The bans reportedly revolve around a patch being circulated throughout the community that would allow players to access the game’s trial rank early. While the data miner didn’t share much about how the security system works, he did explain that the bans could be outright bans of Nintendo Switch Online services as a whole.

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Nintendo’s hard-line stance against cheaters in Splatoon 3 It wouldn’t be a new thing, as the company has often been tough on cheaters and hardware modding. Nintendo has frequently implemented sweeping bans against players in popular online games like pokemon sword and shield to alter save files and the use of cheat devices. Nintendo’s game-specific bans often come with service-wide bans from its Nintendo Switch Online service, adopting a clear “no tolerance” policy regarding cheaters.

Splatoon 3 follow the steps of splatoon 2which implemented its own anti-cheat system shortly after the game’s release in 2017. With splatoon 2 Being one of Nintendo’s most popular online games on Switch, the system would run active checks for players using mods in the game. Nintendo has also strongly opposed the use of emulators within the gaming community, taking steps to prevent players from emulating Nintendo games in third-party software.

the Splatoon 3 The demo comes as Nintendo has given fans plenty of reasons to be excited about the latest installment in the franchise. Recent trailers have seen new maps, new weapons, and even a new card-based minigame coming to Splatoon 3. Nintendo has also confirmed that veteran players are returning from splatoon 2 You will receive special rewards as an added incentive for migrating to the new game. Splatoon 3 It looks set to be one of Nintendo’s biggest releases of the calendar year when it releases next month.

Splatoon 3 It will be released on September 9 for Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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