Spider-Man’s Superpowers Update Makes Him More Like His New Sidekick

The following contains spoilers for Spiderman #9 from Marvel Comics.

While Peter Parker’s spider-sense may currently be running in overdrive, his newest superpower upgrade appears to make him more like his new sidekick, Spider-Boy, in an exclusive preview from Marvel’s CBR. Spiderman #9.

Spiderman Issue 9 comes from writer Dan Slott, penciler Mark Bagley, inker John Dell, colorist Edgar Delgado, and Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna. In Spiderman #8, Peter underwent a procedure courtesy of Norman Osborn/Gold Goblin to amplify his superpowers (a process that was also sabotaged by Electro) after he failed to save someone from a burning building. The issue ended with Peter’s spider-sense going into overdrive, as he was suddenly able to hear everyone in all of New York City at once.


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  • DAN SLOTT (W) • MARK BAGLEY (A/C) • Variant cover by ANDRÈS GENOLET
  • Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense is in full swing.
  • It’s driving him crazy.
  • And Electro has always been one to listen when opportunity calls…
  • 32 PGS./Rated T…$3.99

An exclusive CBR preview of Spiderman #9 sees Peter attempt to control these amplified abilities. Despite constant blows to the head from him, he begins to go around the city saving people in record time. Spider-Man’s new sidekick, Spider-Boy, who debuted in Spiderman #6 – Watch Peter from afar and notice that the two now seem more alike than ever. You really did go and do it, didn’t you? You altered your own biology again, Spider-Boy says to himself. “Doc Conners used to scare me by telling me about a time you did that…and grew six arms! But look at you. This time you did it…so you could be more like me.”

Who is Spider-Man’s new sidekick, Spider-Boy?

Spider-Boy’s appearance in Spiderman Issue #6 came after Peter and several other Spider-Verse heroes saved the universe from Shathra. While neither Peter nor anyone else recognized Spider-Boy, the young hero insisted that he had been on Earth-616 for a long time and was good friends with Spider-Man and Miles Morales, causing him to walk away in frustration. . when no one recognized him. Spiderman #7 further teased a mysterious connection between Peter and Spider-Boy, as Spider-Boy has an ambiguous power that allows him to access Peter’s memories.

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Spider-Boy’s origin will be explained in a story by Slott and Humberto Ramos featured in spider verse edge #3, which publishes June 21, 2023. The synopsis for the issue reads: “SPIDER-SMASHER RETURNS! After his successful debut in MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN, Miles’ sister’s alter ego, Billie Morales , is still needed in the Spider Empire!In addition, here is the origin of the secret Spider-Character that debuted in SPIDER-MAN #7!

Spiderman #9 features a cover by Bagley and Delgado and a variant cover by Andrés Genolet and Neeraj Menon. The issue is published June 7, 2023 from Marvel.

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