Soulslike Final Fantasy game coming to Steam

Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin finally has a Steam release date of April 6. Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin it’s the first Soulslike game in the franchise, and despite its mixed reception, it’s definitely worth adding to the wish list for any fan of the popular genre.

Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin it was released almost a year ago for almost every platform except Steam, and it was only released for PC via the Epic Games Store. It is a prequel to the original. Final Fantasy game that launched the entire franchise in 1987, although it has been said that stranger from paradise It’s not canon for that original universe. The game uses a mechanic similar to elden ring and Dark souls They make up some of the most popular features in role-playing games today. With Final Fantasy Being one of the biggest JRPG franchises in the world, it makes sense that Square Enix would want to delve into this subgenre eventually.


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Square Enix has confirmed the release date for the Steam release of Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on PC is April 6, 2023. That means Steam gamers will finally have access to this title just over a year after the game’s initial worldwide release. The Steam library has full access to all other Final Fantasy franchise game currently available for PC.

Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin went viral on gaming social media after its initial trailer dropped. Many were excited to see a Final Fantasy The game ultimately explores the controller-crushing challenges and combat of Soulslike games, with others mostly poking fun at the edgy nature of the story and gratuitous use of the word “chaos.”

The game itself has been somewhat divisive between the Final Fantasy community. As for the story, some reviews called out the game for being messy and confusing, along with the aforementioned jitters, while others liked the nostalgic throwbacks of many. final fantasy 1 Places, characters and events. Gameplay-wise, some reviews see it as a more accessible alternative for those who are too afraid to delve into the harsh realities of games like blood borne and nioh, while others consider it not challenging enough to be a real Soulslike. Nonetheless, Final Fantasy and Soulslike fans might be interested in taking a look. stranger from paradise when it hits Steam early next month.

Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X with the Steam version on April 6.

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