Soul Hackers 2: how to recruit demons

Shin Megami Tensei games, whether the main series or any of numerous spin-offs, focus on fighting and collecting demons. Sometimes compared to the Pokémon franchise, SMT’s demons have a lot in common with that series in terms of how they work. You summon one to fight for you in battle, they all have elemental strengths and weaknesses, and while they can’t evolve, they can fuse into more powerful demons. The main departure from Pokemon, and even differences within the SMT franchise itself, is how you collect demons.

recruit demons into soul hackers 2 it’s a very different process than how fans of the Persona series know it to be. In that game, you enter negotiations with demons where you talk to demons to try and lure them to your side, often costing some money, while fighting them. What players will quickly discover in soul hackers 2 is that this option will never present itself in a fight, leading many to wonder how exactly you go about expanding your roster of demons. Our Soul Bond has reached a high enough level that we can give you the full explanation of how to recruit demons in soul hackers 2.

How to recruit demons

For better or worse, the recruitment of demons in soul hackers 2 it is both easier, but also less predictable. As mentioned, you won’t trade with the demons you face in battle, and the trading system is essentially a binary choice that you make now. That’s how it works in this SMT spin-off.

Step 1: Enter a dungeon on the world map or an area in the Soul Matrix. Ringo will automatically send your existing demons to reconnoiter.

Step 2: Explore the area until you find one of your own demons on the map.

Step 3: If that demon has an icon of a small demon figure partially hidden behind a cube, that means you’ll be offered a new demon to recruit.

Step 4: Talk to this demon and he will tell you about the demon they found. As long as you haven’t already recruited that same demon, you will have a chance to recruit it. You have no way of controlling which demon you are offered to recruit.

Step 5: The new demon will ask you for something to join your team, usually money, but sometimes other things like a portion of your HP. If you have what they want and you agree to give it to them, they will join your team.

The only other way to get new demons in soul hackers 2 it’s through the demon fusion mechanic, but that’s a whole different system that requires you to recruit a bunch of demons beforehand. While this system is less complicated and less controllable than other SMT games, it is at least fairly easy.

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