Sonic Team Aims To Turn Sonic Games, Comics, And Netflix Show Into A ‘Connected Universe’

The head of Sonic Team has now confirmed that, after months of players feeling there was a change in the direction of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, the studio really aims to make sure the hedgehog’s many media appearances are consistent. While some parts of the brand aren’t part of this unification effort, fans can look forward to it. sonic frontiersthe Sonic IDW Comics and Upcoming 3D Cartoons Sonic The TV shows are relatively similar to each other, as if they exist in the same universe.


This information comes from an interview. Sonic the Hedgehog fan site that Sonic Stadium held with Sonic Team director Takashi Iizuka at Gamescom. When asked what it means to the most prominent writer in the Sonic comics, Ian Flynn, to write for sonic frontiersIizuka said that it was important to bring games and comics closer together.

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From there, the leader of Sonic Team states that when it comes to the fact that the Sonic The franchise has now further branched out into movies, TV, and comics, it has been the studio’s desire to try to “solidify everything” to make everything related to the blue hedgehog a more cohesive experience. The last time Sonic Team attempted something like this dates back to 2005, where they changed the entire lineup of voice actors for the games to reflect sonic xthe anime broadcast on American television networks at the time.

Although this new perspective for the Sonic The franchise as a whole is meant to ensure that players can enjoy all of the media that features the blue blur and his friends without being too confused or lost, ultimately it’s just a nicer way of saying that Sonic Team has as purpose of providing stability Sonic the Hedgehog brand. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, as it’s been something series loyalists have wanted for quite some time.

However, despite Sonic Team trying to be more consistent, the many Sonic At the same time, the media is allowed to try different things from each other. Iizuka openly states that while the upcoming TV show, sonic prime, future comics and games will feel like they’re from the same universe, they won’t actually be canon. He also mentions that the movies exist separately outside of this, as their narrative doesn’t fit in with everything else at the moment. Still, after years of each Sonic the Hedgehog project running towards different goals, a sense of direction can take the famous hedgehog to new heights in the future.

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Source: Sonic Stadium

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