SmallHD PageOS 5 Now Out of Beta: Available as a Free Download

SmallHD PageOS 5 Now Out of Beta: Available as a Free Download

SmallHD has finally released the official version of PageOS 5. It brings a new EL Zone exposure tool as well as tetrahedral LUT interpolation to all supported monitors, while adding custom features for Cine, OLED 4K and Smart 7 series models. The update is now available as a free download.

Back at NAB 2022, we took some time to learn more about SmallHD’s latest operating system for its on-camera and production monitors, called PageOS 5 (video here). This firmware update brings exciting new features, user interface improvements and some bug fixes.

The new OS is compatible with all SmallHD monitors already running PageOS (full compatibility list here), with the exception of the DSMC3 RED Touch display, the recently released Action 5 (review here), and legacy DP-series monitors. (DP1, DP6, DP4, AC7 and DP7-PRO). So let’s do a quick rundown of some of the key features!

OLED27 display
SmallHD OLED 27. Source: SmallHD

SmallHD PageOS 5: common features for all devices

One of the most exciting additions in PageOS 5 is the new EL Zone exposure tool, which was developed in conjunction with director of photography Ed Lachman, ASC. Unlike traditional false color tools that are based on IRE values, the new EL Zone feature takes sensor data as a reference point to display every stop above and below 18% gray through an overlay of color. However, the firmware release notes indicate that this feature only works with register signals. Also, it cannot be captured using the Screenshot function.

EL Zone exposure tool. Source: SmallHD

Another feature now supported on all PageOS 5 compatible devices is tetrahedral LUT interpolation, which replaces the old trilinear system. This should provide better accuracy when using LUTs for HDR monitoring. Lastly, all screens can now display a digital level to check your camera’s horizon.

For Cine and OLED 4K models

While some of the new features in PageOS 5 are unified across all supported SmallHD monitors, others were designed specifically for SmallHD Cinema and OLED 4K production monitors, starting with an advanced multi-view tool. This allows users to simultaneously monitor 4 different signals while maintaining granular and customizable control of scopes and tools.

Multiview tool. Source: SmallHD

Also, since sound is just as important as picture, the audio functions of these two series of monitors are now fully enabled. This means sound can be monitored using either the built-in speakers or the dedicated 3.5mm headphone output.

Additionally, PageOS 5 adds Calman calibration for 4K production monitors. Automatic calibration can be performed through an Ethernet connection to a computer with a calibration probe running vertical displays. A calibration LUT can then be loaded into the monitor.

SmallHD Cinema 18. Source: SmallHD

Lastly, upscaling of 1080p signals has been optimized to match 4K panels and should now produce sharper results, making it easier for focus extractors.

for smart series 7

Another feature set has been built around the SmallHD Smart 7 series, which now has up to six assignable on-screen features. touch function buttons, as well as a Look-Around camera control function. The latter allows users with a camera control-enabled monitor to display and adjust camera controls without losing access to other PageOS 5 tools.

Look around camera control. Source: SmallHD

Price and availability

The latest firmware update for SmallHD PageOS 5 is now available for free. It can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website here.

Before proceeding with the upgrade, SmallHD recommends backing up your profile and making notes of the firmware version you are upgrading from. Also, make sure to power your monitor via AC power or use a fully charged battery when upgrading.

To view the full release notes, visit the SmallHD website here.

What do you think of the new firmware update for SmallHD PageOS 5? Which function do you find most useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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