Sledgehammer Games should develop Call of Duty: Ghosts 2

Obligations fans will often debate their favorite developer, and over the years the general consensus has constantly shifted. Following Call of Duty 4 and the original modern warfare 2Infinity Ward was the most popular, although this changed with the growing popularity of Treyarch’s Zombies mode and the covert operations substring as a whole. Now, things are changing once again, as Treyarch has been plagued by rushed developments and Infinity Ward has had great success with their Modern war restart.


However the Call of Dutyi franchise has three different studios behind its premium games, with another one at Raven Software running the free-to-play behemoth that is call of duty: war zone. Sledgehammer Games has failed to shake its reputation as the new kid on the block despite releasing its first Obligations game since 2014. Since advanced warfare a Vanguardthe studio has yet to release such a beloved game as covert operations either Modern war. Although it could try to kick off another new universe with its next main game, Sledgehammer should work with an established brand, bringing back Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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Simultaneous redemption for ghosts and Sledgehammer

Weather Call of Duty: Ghosts is regularly seen as a step down from Modern war, and the beginning of a difficult era for Infinity Ward, still has its fans. In particular, players have been waiting for answers about Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ cliffhanger for years, as the campaign ends with an obvious setup for a sequel that never came. Beyond that, Extinction has become a cult classic, as the alien-focused co-op mode provided unique gameplay that differed greatly from the series’ standout Zombies mode.

It is true that a Call of Duty: Ghosts The sequel would have to iron out some major issues, particularly on the multiplayer front. The concept of Field Orders would need an overhaul, SAT COMs should be removed for traditional UAVs and the absurdly large maps that appear in the original ghosts should be avoided. A less bland color palette would also be beneficial, as many fans felt the ugly look of ghosts damaged its memorability and lasting appeal.

Yet, Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 seems like a perfect effort for Sledgehammer Games. redeeming the divisive ghosts The universe could be even more rewarding if Sledgehammer were to take over the reins of Infinity Ward, as the studio still needs its first big hit with him. Obligations brand. For fans, have ghosts‘ lingering cliffhanger response would be a pleasant surprise, and wielding weapons like the Honey Badger again would be fun too.

Infinity Ward’s underrated Extinction mode could also be a perfect playground for Sledgehammer Games, as the developer’s releases have consistently struggled to find success when it comes to their third game mode. exo zombies and Second World War Zombies is widely seen as the worst attempts to replicate Treyarch’s success, and although it was developed by Treyarch, Vanguard Zombies has continued the trend of weak Zombies modes being featured in Sledgehammer games. Getting away from Zombies entirely could be the right move for Sledgehammer, and Extinction offers a stellar alternative.

Since Infinity Ward has their hands full with the new Modern war games, it is highly unlikely that I will ever return to the ghosts universe. However, since Sledgehammer has been struggling to win over fans with his original stories, reviving one of his pairs could be ideal. Of ghosts-cosmetics inspired by Vanguard until Rorke’s debut as an operator, Sledgehammer’s new game features a surprising number of references to the 2013 title. In an ideal world, this would be a foreshadowing, with Sledgehammer making and releasing ghosts 2 in the near future. By expanding on the strengths of the first game, building on the ending of the original campaign, and correcting some key flaws, a return for ghosts could result in a strong game for all Obligations Fans to enjoy.

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