Slayers Red Band Trailer: Thomas Jane Kills It

cry king jack jane is kicking butt in the horror genre once again in October, this time with a bang. in director K. Asher LevinThe first film of the genre, assassins, Jane is taking the stake, or rather a crossbow, to fight her way through a mansion full of rich and bloodthirsty vampires. The horror comedy’s new red band trailer promises plenty of blood and one-liners. It’s kill or be killed out there.

Vampire-slaying does not distinguish between age differences. assassins unites (albeit reluctantly) a young group of Gen Z social media stars with jaded vampire slayer Elliot Jones (Jane). She’s been in the business for a long time, so her sole purpose in life is to avenge the tragic death of her teenage daughter at the hands of blood-sucking vampires. Now, finally, Elliot has managed to track down his daughter’s killers in his secret lair, but to get to them, the killer will have to team up with the social media team.


The trailer switches from Elliot cracking open a beer to a bright and sunny live steam where we are introduced to the strategically bubbly ‘Stream Team’. With the promise of an ambassadorial contract from “reclusive billionaire Beverly Rektor” (Malin Akerman), “online social goddess” Jules (abigail breslin) and your friends are invited to visit the secluded vacation resort of Rektor in New Mexico. Along the way, the party bus crosses paths with Elliot’s RV, where it acts as the harbinger of the film’s coming dangers. Though the lure of fame and fortune proves too good to pass up, Elliot manages to arouse the suspicion of professional gambler Flynn (kara hayward) before the Stream team meets your gracious host. Things soon get complicated. Akerman gives a convincingly great performance in the trailer, showering these stars with praise and praise before all hell breaks loose.

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Jane, who tried her luck against sharks with genetically enhanced intelligence in 1999 deep blue seaand fended off some of the most gruesome creations of Stephen King‘sin The fog, is backed by an ensemble cast. Alongside Akerman, Academy Award nominee Breslin and Hayward (Moonrise Kingdom) are jack donnelly, american gods ashley reyes, Lydia Hearst, Galen Howard, ash t (Euphoria) Y Adam Ambrose. The script of assassins marks the writer’s first feature film Zack Imbrogno, which he co-wrote with director Levin. Stars Jane and Akerman serve as executive producers, among others, and Breslin is also one of the film’s producers.

assassins It will be released with date and day in theaters and digital on demand on October 21. You can read the official synopsis and watch the new trailer for Red Band below:

Kick-Ass vampire slayer Elliot Jones (Thomas Jane) made it his life’s mission to get revenge on the bloodsuckers who murdered his teenage daughter. After years of tracking them down, he has finally reached his secret and hidden base. But to reach them he will need to use a motley crew of social media superstars. He joins ‘The Stream Team’: party girl Jules (Abigail Breslin), gen-z pro gamer Flynn (Kara Hayward) and her crew of trendsetters and breakers. With over a hundred million combined followers, they have attracted the attention of lonely billionaire Beverly Rektor (Malin Akerman), who invites them to a party at her multi-million dollar vacation resort. They soon discover that these rich are none other than the former vampires that Elliot Jones is after. When the team is held captive in a house of horrors to serve the vampires’ plan to take over the world, Elliott is their only hope for survival. As she teams up with Flynn, a hunter in her own right, will she take down the vampire hoard and save Team Stream?

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