Shudder’s Deadstream Trailer Puts a Live Streaming Spin on Found Footage Horror

The official trailer has been released for dead stream, a new found-footage horror-comedy film set to premiere on Shudder next month. In the film, an influencer goes to great lengths to increase his following by livestreaming his stay in a house that is supposedly haunted. Of course, he finds out firsthand that there may be something to those claims. You can check out the trailer below ahead of the film’s arrival on Shudder on October 6, 2022.

dead stream marks the feature directorial debut of Joseph and Vanessa Winter (V/H/S/99). The husband-and-wife filmmaking duo also co-wrote the film, which premiered earlier this year at the 2022 South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival to high praise from audiences and critics. The Winters also produced the film along with cinematographer Jared Cook and actress Melanie Stone. Jason K. Wixom also stars.


You can read the synopsis of dead streamdescribed as “as scary as it is funny”, below.

dead stream follows a disgraced internet personality trying to win back his followers by livestreaming a night alone in a haunted house. But when she accidentally angers a vengeful spirit, his big comeback event turns into a real-time fight for his life.

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Deadstream inspired by YouTube controversy

“There was this huge controversy with PewDiePie a few years ago, and a few other YouTubers at the exact same time, and when that happened we started to think that maybe that’s something that could be related to this character of Shawn, where maybe he’s trying to to recover from this huge controversy,” star and co-director Joseph Winter told DailyDead about crafting the film’s story. “So, that started to inform the character. Then we started digging into these existing YouTubers and trying to figure out their quirks and personalities, and we realized that once you start watching these guys, they’re legitimately good artists at what they are.” that they do. Their content is pretty good, and there’s a reason why people like it. So it became important for us to not just parody an influencer, but try to give Shawn some real depth that you make believe that someone in the world would actually watch this person. So it was important throughout the script that we really tried to make him feel like a real influencer.”

Choosing the house featured in the film as the perfect location for the shoot, Vanessa Winter added, “Yes, the house had a lot of character. Not only was it amazing, but the wallpaper and labels brought a lot of color to the movie.” “. , which I think helped not only become a character of its own, but also made the quirky creatures feel more at home. [Amy Leah Nelson Smith], because she really chose to embrace color and textures. I think she brought a lot to the table.”

dead stream will be released in Shudder US, Shudda CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ on October 6, 2022. The film is unrated and has a running time of 87 minutes.

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