Shazam! 2 The director confirms cameo of the first film

Despite the very permanent death of his character in Shazam!actress Lotta Losten will return for another small role in Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, the director of the film confirmed last night in his Instagram story. Losten, who is married to director David F. Sandberg, always appears in the films she directs. A fan asked last night if her death in the first DC movie meant that Shazam! two it would be the first film without Losten appearing in any role, but the filmmaker rejected the idea. How is he going to achieve that? Well, the same way any other DC character would.

Nerd. Not the resurrection! Just change the appearance a bit and call him a completely different person!

“Lotta is in on this,” Sandberg confirmed. “Yes, she died in [Shazam!], but he loses his glasses, changes his hair and BAM! Totally different character. Hey, it works for Clark Kent.”

You can see the post below.


That nod from Clark Kent is likely to send the internet back to its favorite pastime: speculating on whether Henry Cavill might reappear as Superman in the movie. The character, played not by Cavill but by a stunt double, appeared in the final scene of Shazam!, but only from the neck down and as a gag. Since then, fans have pushed to see more of him, literally, in the sequel, though Sandberg has given no indication that would actually happen.

You can consult the official synopsis of Sandberg’s Shazam! follow up below.

From New Line Cinema comes Shazam! fury of the godswhich continues the story of teenage Billy Batson who, by reciting the magic word “SHAZAM!”, transforms into his adult superhero alter ego, Shazam.

Shazam! fury of the gods stars returning cast members Zachary Levi (Thor: Ragnarök) like Shazam; Asher Angel (Andy Mack) as Billy Batson; Jack Dylan Grazer (It’s chapter two) as Freddy Freeman; Adam Brody (Promising young woman) as the superhero Freddy; butler ross (Raya and the last dragon) as the superhero Eugene; Megan Good (Day shift) as superhero Darla; DJ Cotrona (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as the superhero Pedro; Grace Caroline Currey (Annabelle: Creation) as Mary Bromfield / Superhero Mary; Faith Herman (We are) as Darla Dudley; Ian Chen (a dog’s journey) as Eugene Choi; Jovan Armand (Second Chances) as Pedro Peña; Martha Milan (White lines) as Rosa Vasquez; Cooper Andrews (The Walking Dead) as Victor Vasquez; with Djimon Hounsou (A Quiet Place Part II) as Assistant. Joining the cast is Rachel Zegler (West Side Story), with Lucy Liu (Kung Fu Panda franchise) and Helen Mirren (F9: The Fast Saga).

Shazam! Fury of the Gods” will be released in theaters in March 2023.

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