See English meaning of Hindi words anywhere and anytime, download this dictionary on phone


There are many dictionary apps on the Google Play Store for mobile phones.
You can use Wordweb dictionary and Google Translate as dictionary app.
You can use this dictionary app anytime and anywhere.

New Delhi: Today, most people use smartphones. With the help of a smartphone, some people do other work besides filling out the form. To work online or through the Internet, it is very important to know the English language. In such a situation, there are some words that ordinary people are not aware of. In such a situation, we take the help of the dictionary.

There are many dictionary apps available on the Google Play Store, but do you know which one of them should be installed on your mobile phone? If not, then let us tell you about those five dictionary apps, with the help of which you can translate from English to Hindi.

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Hin Khoj Dictionary
With HinKhoj dictionary, you can convert any English word to Hindi. If you want to know the English of any Hindi word, you can also use the Hinkhoj dictionary. Most people in our country speak English and Hindi words together. Which is called Hinglish. In such a situation, the Hinkhoj dictionary can come in very handy. You can use it both online and offline.

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You can get information about English words using U-dictionary. Millions of people have downloaded this dictionary on the Google Play Store. The specialty of this dictionary is that with it you can scan the words you want to get information about. Simply put, you can drag and drop a tool to the place where you want to know the meaning of the word. Not only this, you can also get information about similar words in this dictionary.

hindi english dictionary
Hindi English dictionary can be used by all people. In this dictionary you can get detailed information about the words you want to know about. You can also surf the internet in Hindi English Dictionary app. You can also learn to make sentences with this dictionary. In a nutshell, you can get information about the word you want to know.

dictionary wordweb –
Wordweb dictionary can be used by those who want to learn international English. Through this dictionary, you can get information about the words that are used internationally. Not only this, you will get words and other information in this app. It is also very easy to use this dictionary. You have to type only English words whose Hindi you can see below in the app.

Google Translate
Google Translate Some people don’t like to use the dictionary app. In such a situation, they can also use Google Translate. Through Google Translate, you can not only translate English to Hindi and Hindi to English, but also translate to other languages. You can also use Google Translate without downloading it. By typing any word directly in Google search engine, after typing additional translation, you can get information about some words in another language. Using Google Translate is also very easy.

(Disclaimer: Please keep safety and security in mind while downloading these apps.)

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