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Pakistan’s anti-corruption watchdog summons Khan and his wife on June 7 in £190m land bribery case

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s anti-corruption watchdog summoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife, Bushra Bibi, on June 7 for allegedly aiding and abetting an illegal transfer of £190m to a real estate magnate for personal gain in Al Qadir Trust. land bribery case.

Khan and his wife are accused of receiving benefits from Pakistani property magnate Malik Riaz Hussain by awarding him a settlement of £190m seized by the UK’s National Crime Agency as part of a deal relating to the transfer of ill-money. there have been

The Al-Qadir Trust, owned by Khan and his third wife, Bushra Bibi, runs a university on the outskirts of Islamabad that is dedicated to spirituality and Islamic teachings. The project is inspired by Khan’s wife, who is serving as a spiritual leader.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s government says the trust was a front for Khan to receive valuable land as a bribe from the property developer. The Al-Qadir Trust has nearly 60 acres of land worth 7 billion rupees ($24.7 million) and another tract in Islamabad, near Khan’s hilltop home. The 60-acre parcel is the official site of the university, but there has been some building up there.

The anti-corruption watchdog in its notices, seen by Arab News, to Khan and his wife said these funds were “dishonestly and maliciously” adjusted against the liability of property magnate Bahria Town Limited, Karachi, rather than their repatriation from the United Kingdom to the state of Pakistan.

“In exchange for this illegal and dishonest favor, BTL [Bahria Town Limited] granted material and monetary benefits in the form of land measuring 458 canals, Rs 285 crores, buildings and other types disguised in the guise of donations to Al Qadir University Project Trust in which you and your wife Bushra Khan are trustees”, the Office National Responsibility (NAB) ) Call notices read.

The watchdog summoned Khan’s wife to record his statement and join the investigation and asked her to bring documents, including details of donors in the Al-Qadir University project, land, buildings, cash, expenses and account. banking. The former prime minister has been summoned by the anti-corruption watchdog’s combined investigation team (CIT).

On May 23, NAB investigators questioned Khan for more than four hours about the case at his office in Islamabad.

Last week, an accountability court granted former PM Khan bail in the corruption case until June 19, while NAB officials told the court that Bushra Bibi’s arrest was not necessary. in the case, but that you should cooperate with the anti-corruption body whenever requested.

Khan, who was ousted in a parliamentary vote of no confidence, is currently involved in a series of court cases against him, including terrorism charges brought by the police. The former prime minister maintains that the charges were false.

Since his ouster, Khan has called for early elections and most recently accused the government and military of cracking down on his supporters to “crush” his party ahead of this year’s national elections.

The government denies the allegations, saying the crackdown was aimed at rioters who destroyed military installations, including burning down a general’s residence and other property after Khan’s arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust case on May 9.