Sci-fi games inspired by Star Wars

Star Wars, no matter how massive a series is, can often be the source of debate and discussion in the Internet age. No matter how one currently feels about the state of Star WarsThere is no denying the impact it has had on pop culture and the creators of entertainment products in various mediums.

From lightsabers and Jedi to interesting alien designs and narrative elements, Star Wars he has his fingerprints on many of the things that people love. The world of video games is home to graduatesStar Wars games, but also has many big budget and indie games inspired by Star Wars at its core.


8/8 blood borne

Sure, to say that a game rooted in cosmic horror was inspired by the likes of Star Wars it may feel like a stretch, but that’s not the part of blood borne that has him landing on this list. The combat in this beloved FromSoftware title is quite intimate and feels like some kind of violent dance. That’s the way modern-era lightsaber fights look, and feel most often when the choreography is at its best.

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Throw in the fact that Yarnham feels like a place rooted in a fight between morally gray subjects looking for answers to questions regarding the universe and how they fit together, and the idea that it was even slightly inspired by Star Wars It’s not too far out of reach.

Humans can sometimes revert to their one-track caveman brains and simply entertain themselves with visually stimulating action. There’s a lot of complexity to lightsaber duels, but at the end of the day, it’s great to see two people fight with lightsabers.

Metal Gear Rising: Revenge It was a strange start for the series, but fans were surprised to find out how fun and action-packed the game’s combat system was. Sure, sword fighting existed long before the days when George Lucas brought Star Wars to life. However, the frenetic, cinematic approach feels uniquely Star Wars in Metal Gear Rising: Revenge.

6/8 Halo: Infinity

The Sith in Star Wars they are the source of evil and villainy in the universe. However, realistically speaking, they all believe that they are the heroes of their own story. The exiles in Halo: Infinity they feel they are owed what they have endured and will stop at nothing to defeat the Master Chief.

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Throughout his journey throughout the game, the Master Chief begins to discover that things are not what they seem and information about ancient history is not exactly what it seems. A science fiction story about good versus evil, and the moral gray area that exists in between, is evident in Halo: Infinity and it is clearly Star Wars.

5/8 fallout 4

This post will contain spoilers for fallout 4, so if that’s a problem, stop reading now. At the beginning of fallout 4, The players learn that they were frozen in time and, waking up in the modern age, their only goal is to find out what happened to their baby.

Throughout the game, players get clues as to what might have happened, but it turns out that the player’s son ends up being the main villain of the story. Explaining why this was probably inspired by Star Wars it’s pretty self-evident, considering how Luke Skywalker finds out about his relationship with Darth Vader and how it ultimately plays out.

4/8 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

These days the internet is filled with hordes of older people Star Wars fans who are upset that the series hasn’t grown old along with them. The reality is that the series was, and always will be, aimed at its main demographic: children.

Of course, Star Wars It tackles morality, human expression, and self-doubt, but at the end of the day, it’s a backdrop for entertaining sci-fi action that captures the hearts and imaginations of kids and kids at heart. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart it’s the newest entry in the series for PS5, and it feels like it’s rooted in the fun bits of sci-fi that appeal to kids. It’s a blast to play and is a great time for all ages.

3/8 red dead redemption 2

red dead redemption 2 it’s a western RPG, so on the surface it’s hard to see how it could take inspiration from Star Wars either way. A lot of this has to do with Rockstar Games delivering an epic story that spans many years and follows the journey of characters destined to rise and fall.

Star Wars it is ultimately a story about a relationship between a father and a son. Although they were not related by blood, Arthur Morgan and Dutch van der Linde did have that kind of relationship. The first serves as red dead redemption 2The protagonist of , and the latter becomes the main antagonistic force that leads to the downfall of the entire Van der Linde gang.

2/8 Destiny

What separates Star Wars from star trek is that Star Wars it’s a lot of science fantasy, while star trek leans towards pure science fiction. Destinydespite being a first-person shooter, it is the closest thing to a genre that has come to the world of video games. Star Warswithout really being a Star Wars play.

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It’s also a beautiful mix of fantasy and science fiction. Much of their vocabulary and naming conventions are based on ancient mythologies and fantastical creatures, rather than being rooted in scientific definitions and logical deductions. From the early days, developer Bungie even went so far as to say that they wanted Destiny be a universe as large and expansive as that of Star Wars.

1/8 mass effect 2

Considered by many to be the best sci-fi video game or game series of all time, it’s hard not to mention it. mass effect like taking inspiration from Star Wars. The beauty of bioware mass effect is that it feels so much like star trek Y Star Wars in his approach to science fiction.

The powers and the focus on morality are the parts that connect to Star Wars in an important way. mass effect 2 It turns out to be the perfect blend of action and narrative RPG elements in the trilogy, but any of the three could make it onto this list.

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