Scars opens in July in North America

Cleopatra Entertainment has announced that they will give the horror film by director Nicolás Onetti What the waters left: scars VOD, Blu-ray and DVD release in North America on July 18th! This movie is a continuation of the The massacre in Texas-horror movie style What the waters leftthat Nicolás Onetti and his brother Luciano carried out in the devastated Argentine city of Epecuén a few years ago.

As the synopsis of What the waters left explained, “Epecuén was one of the most important tourist towns in Argentina. Thousands of people attended, attracted by the healing properties of its hot springs. On November 10, 1985, a large volume of water breached the protective embankment and the town was submerged under ten meters of salt water. Epecuen disappeared. Thirty years later, the waters receded and the ruins of Epecuén emerged, revealing a desolate and deserted landscape. The residents never returned.”

The first film depicted the horrors that befell a group of young people who ventured to Epecuén to film a documentary. What the waters left: scars go on an Anglo-American indie rock band that gets stranded in Epecuén, where their internal conflicts and bad luck from their tour quickly become less important in the face of the hell that awaits them.

The film stars Agustín Olcese, Clara Kovacic, Magui Bravi, María Eugenia Rigón, Juan Pablo Bishel, Matías Desiderio, Germán Baudino, Chucho Fernández and Paula Brasca, with Mario Alarcón and David Michigan.

What the waters left: scars comes to us from Minerva Pictures and Black Mandala Films. Nicolás Onetti produced the film with Monica Ciarli, Michael Kraetzer and Carlos Goitia. Eduardo Camauer serves as executive producer. Martín Gerding and Luciano Onetti are associate producers, and Luciano Onetti also composed the score.

What the waters left: scars has been making the rounds at festivals lately, and a press release notes that it has been an official selection at SITGES (Spain), Blood Window Film Festival (Argentina), Cinefantasy International Fantastic Film Festival (Brazil), Boulder International Film Festival (USA). . ), the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium) and the Obscura Film Festival (Germany). The movie has been all over the world by now, but horror fans in North America will be able to watch it in the comfort of their own homes very soon.

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