Scariest Game Revealed At EEK3 2022 Indie Horror Showcase

Horror Fans have been treated to some treats with EEK3 2022’s indie horror showcase. With Halloween coming up, it’s the perfect time to enjoy new horror games and support indie developers in the process. Gamers need not wait at all to try out the titles featured at EEK3, as demos for various games are now available.

EEK3 is an event hosted by Haunted PS1 to showcase horror games created by independent developers that have the feel of classic titles from the 1990s and 2000s. Since it’s being produced without a budget, EEK3 is Haunted PS1’s true dedication to bringing to games an attention they might not otherwise receive. This EEK3 has many games that deserve a bit of attention from gamers.


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EEK3 this year featured a variety of games, including some in the genre of horror fishing simulator games that joined killer bassan obscure game from 2000. There are games that take inspiration from familiar titles like Golden Eye 007 Y Silent Hill, mixing nostalgia with new stories and mysteries. The following are some of the scariest games revealed at EEK3 2022.

Cursed Letters includes stealth and psychological horror

the trailer of cursed lyrics show some Silent Hill inspiration, and even includes PS1-style graphics. cursed lyrics is developed by Aeturnum Ludos and is available for PC. Players take on the role of Robert Franklin, who is searching for his missing brother Mike by following the letters he has left behind. Naturally, this is easier said than done. As Robert searches for his brother and answers, he too is being chased, except the monsters are the ones chasing him.

They Speak From The Abyss turns players into sacrifices

Similar to Binding of Isaac and its DLC RepentanceThey speak from the abyss presents themes of pain and religious abuse. A dungeon crawler with psychological horror, players play as Vanessa as she deals with trauma from her past that takes the form of demons and a world that seems to be made of flesh and blood. Scheduled to launch in 2023, They speak from the abyss it looks like a surreal horror filled with demons obsessing over Vanessa’s flesh and anticipating a ceremony where she will be killed.

Canine gives players only a tennis ball for protection

For many pet owners, the thought of losing their pet is the stuff of nightmares. In CaninePlayers play as a boy searching for his dog, Tomy, who has been kidnapped by a corporation that wants to experiment on him. Canine appears to have a similar playstyle and villains to Resident Evil Umbrella corporation.

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Developed by PuKoGames, Canine he gives the player Tomy’s tennis ball as his only weapon to use as a distraction. The combination of stealth and survival elements creates a game with a tense setting. The full game has not been released yet, but the demo for Canine is available for PC.

Mother Of Many is a horde killing game with farming

mother of many is developed by Brainwash Gang and is a horde killing game in which the player is a part of a family of mice. The images and the voiceover in the trailer recall the opening of Resident Evil Village, but the gameplay is much more of a hack and slash style of fighting. The player is trying to find a cure for the curse that plagues his family, but there is also time to farm and help make soup for the family.

Fear The Spotlight feels like classic Silent Hill

Made in a PS1 style, Fear of the spotlight is an independent game created with the inspiration of Silent Hill. Similar to games like Surviveplayers cannot fight the monsters that they will find in the abandoned school in which Fear of the spotlight takes place Play as a student searching for a missing friend in an abandoned school where there are unexpected threats. True to the name of the game, players must use stealth mechanics and avoid being caught in the spotlight by a creature with a spotlight instead of its head. Fear of the spotlight it plans to release in 2022, but a demo is currently available on Steam.

Loretta remembers James Sunderland from Silent Hill

Developed by Yakov Butuzoff, loreta is a psychological thriller set in the 1940s. The issues Lora deals with are similar to those addressed by James Sunderland in silent hill 2 faces. With a style inspired by film noir, Lora can be considered a femme fatale. She has given up everything to support her husband, Walter, but he keeps things from her.

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Like James, Lora’s nightmare is created from her own thoughts and actions. Her husband has hidden her debt from her and she believes he is cheating on her too. Lora finds out about the amount of life insurance Walter has and loreta will allow players to make decisions that will affect the story from there.

It came from within It’s short and not so sweet

came from inside is a short walk simulator with an estimated completion time of thirty minutes. It has multiple endings like Stanley’s Parable, but it’s not as light-hearted in terms of content. The player lives in Faraday’s luxury apartments, and the complex has everything he needs for day-to-day life without leaving. However, the player encounters a creature coming out of their kitchen sink.

came from inside is perfect for players who prefer a game without combat as there are no enemies to fight. Instead, players must take care of the creature from their sink and make sure it never comes out. Powered by some software, came from inside is a story about trauma and parenthood that will be available on Steam in the future, but no release date has been set as of yet.

Independent developers don’t always get the recognition they deserve. EEK3 provides a platform for games to reach an audience that might not otherwise know about them, and focuses on games with a retro feel rather than games with a modern horror experience. This year’s EEK3 has so many games with potential and such a variety of styles that most horror fans can find a title that interests them, especially fans of games like Silent Hill Y demonic resident. Despite being new, many games in EEK3 have a nostalgic feel due to the focus on showcasing games created from the 1990s and 2000s. The timing of EEK3 is perfect and allows players to prepare for Halloween with new horror games from independent developers.

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