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If you’re looking to get amazing deals on collectibles, toys, and games, there are a few events that take place throughout the year, but nothing concrete. Therefore, you spend most of your time searching for good promotions and deals, rather than buying them. Also, most of the opportunities you get are piecemeal and appear randomly or in various storefronts, which further complicates things. But don’t worry, because GameStop has you covered from now until October 1. Get 20% off select collectibles, toys, and games both online and in store. If you’ve never explored GameStop’s collection of items, you’re in for a real treat!

If you’re wondering what kinds of items are for sale, well, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of options. The Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet, for example, is perfect for collectors to show off their replica gear, but hey, if you just want to put on the helmet and dress up as a superhero for a bit, that’s fine too! Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer love and thunder, is also available. Then there are figurines and collectibles from Dungeons & Dragons, Halo, Star Wars, Transformers, you name it! You can shop the sale for yourself below, or read on for more details.

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GameStop Toys Games Collectibles Flash sale with items on display.

In general, during a flash sale, you have a fairly small selection of items to choose from, covering only a couple of properties at best. During GameStop’s current sale, you can choose from hundreds of items from the biggest and best fans, from Marvel to GI Joe and Star Wars to Dungeons & Dragons. Do you love Pokémon? Yes, there are also some awesome Pokémon-themed things available, like board games, trading cards, figurines, and even plushies. If you want to get your own game of Dungeons & Dragons up and running, there’s a fantastic set of dice and trays.

It’s also worth noting that if you really want to save big during this sale and any other, you can go Pro and claim GameStop PowerUp Rewards. Right from the start, you’ll earn a $10 welcome reward, 10,000 bonus points, and a $5 monthly reward the first week of every month. They can be used on games, toys, collectibles, and just about everything else GameStop offers, including what you see in this sale. You’ll also get exclusive access to other sales that happen, sometimes before everyone else, so if you’re ever worried about something you want to sell, it’s a good program to join. Plus, you’ll always earn 2% of your spend in rewards. Speaking of finishing off a great setup!

So let’s do a quick recap here. This sale will get you 20% off regular-priced items in the toys, games, and collectibles categories at GameStop. The offers are now available online, and if you’re a PowerUp Rewards Pro member, or if you decide to sign up, you can save even more with some very attractive benefits. With this we conclude. We’ll be using this opportunity to buy some more cool gear, like the Dungeons & Dragons Modern Icons Jelly Cube statue. The details of this thing are crazy.

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