Saints Row: How to Get the Piñata Launcher

The piñata launcher is a great weapon in row of saints that fires a piñata that attracts NPCs before exploding in a destructive blast of deadly confetti. Naturally, this weapon’s rate of fire is relatively low, but its high damage and moderate radius make it a great choice for taking out large groups of enemies with one blast. Furthermore, if row of saints fans manage to get 20 multiple kills with the piñata launcher, they will unlock Sssnakesss!, the launcher signature skill which spawns aggressive snakes after the explosion. These snakes will then chase down nearby enemies and attack them for extra damage.

Unlock the piñata launcher in Saints Row

Unlock the piñata launcher in Saints Row

This Big Gun is a “blast” to use, but is only available during the later stages of the game. To unlock the piñata launcher in row of saintsplayers must participate in Tier-4 criminal enterpriseLet’s pretend.” To set up this company, fans will need $1.6 million, a huge sum of cash that early to mid-game bosses likely won’t have.


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Thanks to the images provided by PowerPyx YouTube Content Creator, row of saints fans can learn how to unlock the Piñata Launcher. For further clarification, follow the steps below:

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  • To get started, buy the Let’s go Pretend” Criminal Venture for $1.6 million.
  • The location of this company can be found in a lot west of El Dorado Fast Travel Point and north of Go Kart Go! Clothing.
  • Enter the company building and complete a total of eleven missions to complete the criminal enterprise.
  • This process should take players 40 minutes to an hour if they attempt all the missions in one go.
  • Once all the Criminal Venture missions have been completed, row of saints players will be rewarded with a space suit, Let’s Pretend Crew outfits, and the piñata launcher Rocket launcher.

A great weapon skin to pair with the Pinata Launcher is the Pinata Stick, which doubles as a cosmetic for the Crowbar. To unlock this cosmetic, players must travel to the @tcha Side Hustle in Marina West, located a bit west of the #Trending clothing store. After your arrival, go to the @tcha sign in front of the property and rate it 1 star. Members of the Los Ponteros faction will appear and attack the protagonist Boss. After fending off various enemies, row of saints players will receive XP, cash, and the Piñata Stick skin for their efforts.

row of saints is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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