Saints Row (2022): How To Complete All Car Challenges | Guide to turns and barrel turns

Drive fast, do stunts and get amazing upgrades.

Each car has a distinctive skill in saints row (2022). Cars can jump, launch ejection seats, gain unlimited boost, or spawn spiked wheels to slice through enemy vehicles like paper. All of these skills are useful, but you will have to complete car challenges before you can unlock them. That’s the hard part. Some car challenges don’t actually explain how to do what they ask; if you don’t know how to roll, the game never really explains it. And if you are very new to the game, many of these challenges are completely impossible until you unlock a story update that makes doing cool tricks so much easier. Below, we’ll explain how to complete some of the toughest car challenges.

Some of the car challenges are really easy: almost accident? Just drive next to the cars. They don’t even have to be moving. You can drive past parked cars and it still counts towards your Near Miss score. Practical!

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How to complete car challenges | Vehicle Upgrade Guide

To upgrade cars and unlock their special ability, like the Fer de Lance Jump Signature Ability – You will need to complete tricky challenges like completing barrel rolls. There are other complicated challenges like Double Back Flips they also require a lot of time in the air. Let’s first cover these two tricky challenges.

  • How to Complete the Double Barrel Flip/Back Flip Car Challenges:
    • Before you can do this step, complete JR Missions and unlock jr’s garage gain improved air handling on all vehicles. If you haven’t done this story quest yet, it’s absolutely necessary to complete any tricky jumping challenges.
    • Once you complete the mission, travel to the parking lot under the Saint Unharmed giant poster in Monte Vista — check the location on the map.
  • How to roll on barrel: The parking lot gives you plenty of room to jump. To roll on barrel, hold [XB: A / PS: Cross] and then hold left/right stick to turn. You don’t have to complete all Barrel Rolls x3 in a single run.
    • How to do a backflip: To complete double backflip challenges, press and hold the same button in the air [XB: A / PS: Cross] and hold the stick.

There are more challenges, but they are generally much easier to accomplish. Let’s review some of them quickly here.

  • How to complete the Car To Wingsuit challenge:
    • While driving, keep [XB: Y / PS: Triangle] to climb to the roof. Press [XB: A / PS: Cross] to launch yourself with the wingsuit.
  • Sideswipe Enemy Vehicle Challenge:
    • Alert the police, then perform side-swipes while driving. To do that, hold [XB: X / PS: Square] and press left/right on the stick. Perform multiple sidesweeps on enemy vehicles until you complete the challenge.
  • How to complete the 360 ​​spin challenge:
    • Same as him Backflip / Barrel. Instead of holding down a button, simply hold stick left/right to start spinning. Like Backflip/Barrel Roll, you’ll need to unlock improved air handling with cars by completing the JR’s Garage Quest.

We’ll add more car challenges (which are tricky!) as we discover them. These are the ones we had the most trouble with. After a bit of exploring, they are a no brainer.

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