Ryan Phillipe and Freddie Thorp scale dangerous peaks

Collider can exclusively reveal a new trailer from Saban Films summit feveran upcoming thriller starring ryan phillippe Y freddie thorp as climbers whose obsession could prove fatal. With the snowy bottom of one of the most dangerous mountains in the world, summit fever promises to offer an adrenaline-filled thriller.

The trailer begins with tragedy, as a climber is killed in an unfortunate accident. As the trailer underlines, the climber’s death is related to his sponsors, who pushed him to do more dangerous climbs to amaze the public and bring them more money. While the tragedy should function as a warning, it will actually lead two friends (Phillippe and Thorp) to scale one of the deadliest mountains in the world together, battling cold and gravity as they try to reach the top. The trailer also promises that the thriller will discuss the boundaries between passion and obsession while exploring how far the friends are willing to go to achieve their dreams, even if their own lives are at stake.


summit fever It was shot in Chamonix, a French city near Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the European Union. The scenery helps make the film look absolutely stunning, as the thriller uses most of Mont Blanc’s rocky peaks and ski resorts to show how dangerous it can be to climb a mountain without proper preparation. And while the path to the top can be treacherous in fine weather, the two friends will have to contend with the fury of nature as they brave an unexpected storm during their chilling journey.

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summit fever is written and directed by Julian Gilbeya filmmaker with a lot of experience in thrillers, including A lonely place to die Y The rise of the foot soldier. The cast of the film also includes michel biel, matilde warnier, anna newY theo cristina.

summit fever arrives in select theaters, digital and VOD on October 14. Check out the trailer and synopsis for the film below:

Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Thorp star in the adrenaline-pumping thrill ride where an ambitious mountain expedition turns into a breathtaking fight for survival. An audacious dream to scale the world’s most challenging trio of mountains soon turns into a terrifying nightmare for a group of friends when a deadly storm traps the climbers near the summit, cutting off all hope of rescue. With the odds stacked against them, the friends are forced to rely on each other to save themselves by any means necessary.

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