Rumbleverse: How to Get Emotes [Complete Guide]

To tell you all about the Rumbleverse emotes. This guide will be a help to you. We’ve put together all the important information needed for you to discover what emotes are. Take a look at some of the best moves in the Rumbleverse. A free game mixed with fighting and action is here for you. Iron Galaxy created the Rumbleverse and Epic Games Publishing produced it.

Battle pass in Rumbleverse

There is a battle pass available in the game. Players will be able to earn a currency that is present in the game called Fan Mall. Fan Mall can help players to buy different types of items such as cosmetics or even outfits. Players can use different types of gestures in the game to have some fun.

Also, our emotes guide will provide detailed information on all the emotes in the Rumbleverse. So, without further delay, let’s dive into that. Rumbreverse gestures are gestures used to communicate. There are different types of emotes for you to equip in the Rumbleverse.

What are emotes in the Rumbleverse?

A command sent via text message that turns into some sort of in-game action is called an emote. Gestures give your character a human touch. It makes them perform different types of gestures. In the Rumblerverse, emotes can help your character perform various gestures, such as waving or something as simple as laughing.

Emoticons in the Rumbleverse
Characters using gestures

Where to get emotes

Emotes in the Rumbleverse can be found in the locker room. Head to that. A section to customize your character would be available on the right side of the screen, next to your character. Divided into four sections: Costumes, Body, Emotes. and presets. We have also selected a guide on character creation in Rumbleverse.

If you want to change your emotes and use them, tap on the emotes written in the third box. When you do that, four options will appear for you, so click on any one of them and use the emote available to you. Check out our guide on perks in the Rumbleverse.

How to use gestures during battle

Go to the settings there by clicking on the option. From there, you will need to tap on the wireless controller option. Tap the emote selector. You will have an option to choose an emoticon. Go back to the battlefield, then.

Emoticon picker.

When you click on the PlayStation controller, you can see the gestures. You will be able to see different gestures on the right side of your character. On your right side, there would be a triangle from which you can choose an emoticon of your choice. There are a total of eight emotes from which you can select up to a bunch of emotes.

Emoticons in the Rumbleverse
Gestures during battle

How many emotes are there in the Rumbleverse?

There are a total of 16 emotes present in the Rumbleverse for you to equip. When you need to equip an emote, select your choice of emotes. In the empty slot, place the selected emotes to put them into action.

Click on r1 and you will be able to see the gestures you have selected. If there is an exclamation mark next to your emote, this means the emote was recently unlocked.

Rumbleverse Emoticons
Put gestures in the empty slot.

Names of emotes in the Rumbleverse

  • No.1: Laugh: This emote helps you show happy emotions.
  • No.2: Animate: You cheer up while wearing this emoticon.
Ruimbleverse Emoticons
Joy emoticon.
  • No.3: Aim Down: You aim down sights when using this emote.
Emoticons in the Rumbleverse
point down
  • No.4: Yes: Your character is displayed with a thumbs up gesture when you tap on it.
Rumbleverse Emoticons
yes emoticon
  • #5: No: A thumbs down emoticon is displayed with your character.
Emoticons in the Rumbleverse
no gesture
  • No.6: Play Dead: The most useful emoticon that helps you to pretend that you are dead to fool your opponent.
Play Dead Emoticon.
  • #7: Aim Up – Aim up at the sky while using this emote.
  • #8: Hi – A wave emoticon that helps you shake your hand.

game elements

The Rumbleverse game is played from a third person point of view. The story of the game is such that around forty characters are located in a city called Grapital City. Also, in the city, each player has to survive and fight for his own life by facing battles with his companions.

What makes Rumbleverse different from all other fighting games is that there are no weapons or guns used in the game. Yes, that is correct. Put your ninja techniques into action and get on the battlefield. Check out our guide on how to heal in the Rumbleverse.

There are numerous shots that each player can hit their opponent with. That includes different kicks, being able to punch, and even using an elbow drop! Also, you can block some of the attacks that are basic. However, you will need to be alert enough to dodge stronger attacks.

When you start the battle, make sure to go to the stores so you can get your hands on the magazines. Players will be able to learn some extra moves with the help of those magazines.

Also, you can use potions. Potions help you gain more health and strength to defeat enemies. In the Rumbleverse, players can also use things available in their environment, such as chairs or bats.


Emotes can bring a very fun side to the Rumbleverse, so equip them and use them to your best interest. Doing so can give your game a completely different perspective, making it more fun than ever.

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