Robin Games launches PLAYHOUSE in a whole new category of mobile games

lifestyle gamesThe genre debuts with PLAYHOUSE, an innovative and creative interior design game that expands the definition of what a game can be.

THE ANGELS, August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Women-led digital entertainment company robin games has created a new category in the mobile gaming space, aiming to redefine who a gamer is and what a mobile game can be. Dubbed ‘Lifestyle Gaming’, the genre combines viral lifestyle content that people consume on social media and in their everyday lives with game mechanics to deliver a truly creative and interactive experience.

Inspired by the concept of what it would be like to go into your Pinterest mood board and design without limits, robin games The premiere title, PLAYHOUSE, debuts today on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This first-of-its-kind interior design game allows players to freely move, rotate, and position furniture and décor in 3D spaces to create the layouts of their dreams. Serving a public passionate about design and creativity, robin games is pleased to partner with publishing partners in the home space, including the leading interiors magazine beautiful house and digital home and design editor Hip. Through these publishing partnerships, PLAYHOUSE will present design challenges inspired by articles published by its partners, so players can truly immerse themselves in the content they read and love, and design unique spaces based on interior design tips and projects. of real life.

Founder and CEO Jill Wilson, a veteran gaming executive behind some of the industry’s longest-running and blockbuster games like Cookie Jam and Panda Pop, believes that Lifestyle Gaming, starting with PLAYHOUSE, is opening up a huge untapped market. “We built PLAYHOUSE on the principle that everyone with a phone and the desire to be creative can be a gamer, so we’re catering not only to the huge existing mobile gaming audience, but also to lifestyle enthusiasts who otherwise they wouldn’t have tried a mobile game,” Wilson said. “Our definition of ‘game’ and who gets to be a ‘player’ has been too narrow up to this point, our goal is to expand on this and literally change the game,” he added.

In PLAYHOUSE, you can choose from a variety of interior design challenges every day, some of which are organized by robin games Publishing Partners: Using furniture and décor from over 100 amazing brand partners, including Article, Chairish, Arhaus, Society6, Lulu & Georgia, room and board, and more. Further fusing the world of mobile gaming with real-life experiences, all pieces (over 6,000) can be purchased by directing players to brand websites for purchase. The game also incorporates social media tastemakers including interior designers, artists, fashion bloggers, bakers and more as ‘hosts’ who present unique limited-time design challenges to players based on their own aesthetic.

With more than 50% women on its board, management team and company in general, robin games he believes that equipping the company with people who reflect the audience they are trying to reach has given them the edge to create a modern and sophisticated, yet relatable product that their target demographic will love. “While 63% of mobile gamers are women, the majority of decision makers in this industry are men,” Wilson said. “High-end gaming hasn’t been explored enough, but we’re leading that change and creating an inspiring new space for people to engage with mobile gaming in a modern way.”

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robin games is a mobile gaming company creating a new category of digital entertainment that we call Lifestyle Gaming. We are merging the virality of lifestyle content with the engagement and business model of mobile gaming. Our content covers topics you’d find in a digital editorial magazine, reasons why you’d be compelled to follow an influencer on Instagram, and places your imagination can go when reading a lifestyle blog – fantasies that inspire creativity. We have over 50% women on our board, management team and company as a whole, and we are dedicated to creating more opportunities for women in our industry. Our mission at Robin is to shake up the gaming industry, not only by redefining what a modern gaming rig looks like, but also by developing a new genre of gaming that is unlike anything gamers have experienced before.

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