Riot Games Valorant is too hard

Skill is a complex topic for game developers. What is natural for some players may not be for others; for example, one person may be a skilled tactician who prefers to conjure strategies, while another is an efficient sniper with divine reflexes. No other game genre blends mechanics and strategy better than competitive tactical FPS shooters, and this is most evident with the popular title. valorant.

Developed by Riot Games and officially released on June 2, 2020, valorant is described as a 5v5 multiplayer hero shooter that takes inspiration from tactical shooter games like counterattack. During the time of its release, the game attracted the attention of the gaming industry with its elements never seen before in games of its genre, such as dynamic maps, reactive servers, and a strong anti-cheat system.

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Two years have passed since valorantand the game has only grown ever since. Currently, there are 19 playable characters across eight different playable maps. With its expansive content, multiple variables, and an increase in the skill of the average player due to the age of the game, valorant It has arguably become too difficult for beginners to enjoy and too confusing for returning players.

valorantThe difficulty begins already in the selection of characters. In this game, Agents are divided into four different character classes: Controllers provide utility, Sentinels defend their team, Duelists excel in the assault, and Initiators set tactics. Creating a perfect team that mixes these characters is essential to win a game. As such, players should always consider their team status and enemy composition during character selection to ensure they are not disadvantaged. This knowledge of the game only increases the entry level difficulty of valorant.

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Similarly, each agent in valorant he has unique abilities that define his character in terms of power; it can be as simple as being able to flashbang shooting stars on the map as a superhuman astral being. Although these skills are one of valorantThe unique selling points of can be overwhelming for new players. Specifically, abilities that give your caster an edge and break game mechanics can be overwhelming. A popular example would be one-way fumes that agents like Viper or Brimstone can use.

As mentioned, valorant currently offers eight different playable maps. Each stage has its own quirks and mechanics, ranging from closable doors to zip lines. However, these maps also come with hidden features that are usually only known to experienced players. From the most common corners to character-specific vantage lineups, the average player is often shot by enemies they can’t see from positions they don’t expect. This implies that players are expected to do their homework to learn global and character-specific lineups for each map, which is a task that turns most players off.

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Finally, valorant‘s player base and community contribute to its difficulty. Assuming that players will be playing in competitive mode (the most popular game option), they will often receive criticism and harsh words from their teammates. Whether ridiculed for their slow reaction speed or cursor choices, beginners will no doubt experience negativity that makes it mentally difficult for them to continue or grow as a player.

Weather valorant was intended to be a competitive FPS hero shooter eSports title from the beginning of its development, the current state of the game and content have proven incomprehensible to beginners and inaccessible to returning players. From character selection, weapon choice, insider knowledge, and a toxic community, valorant A castle has been built that no new players can enter.

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