Review: Levy Restaurants raises the bar for concessions at Oklahoma games this year

NORMAN — Eating should be more than just a biological function in football games. It must be part of the immersive experience.

In Oklahoma, Levy Restaurants has upped the food game in 2022 by adding new partners, vendors and franchisees that will please even the pickiest (or just picky) palate.

“It’s rocking,” said Cody Malone, Levy’s director of operations. “We’re making memories, right?”

“I can tell you, as a kid, being at Dodger Stadium, eating a Dodger Dog and getting peanuts thrown at me when I was 8 years old, those are the things: in Oklahoma City, rolling downhill at 89ers stadium on the left. field, eating items from a hull of ice cream, those are the memories that last you forever.”

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