Review: Do You Take This Man from Denise Williams?

RJ is an unromantic divorce attorney, but when a video of her officiating an impromptu wedding goes viral, she becomes an in-demand wedding officiant in her spare time (much to the dismay of her law firm). After leaving her job as an events manager for a football team, Lear takes a job planning weddings (many of which happen to be weddings RJ is officiating). Despite having a disastrous encounter and constant clashes, the more weddings RJ and Lear work together, the harder it becomes to deny their attraction to each other. Having been burned out in the past, the pair decide to become friends with benefits (or enemies with benefits, if you will). However, the longer your arrangement lasts, the harder it is not to catch feelings.

Do you take this man? is a contemporary romantic comedy that invokes lovers’ enemies, friends with benefits, and forced proximity tropes. This book would be ideal for fans of books like The fastest way to fall by Denise Williams, The heart principle by Helen Hoang book lovers by EmilyHenry, fix on you by Amy Lea, and thanks, next by Andie J Christopher, as well as movie fans like the wedding planner. Some themes present in this book include love and heartbreak, friendship and companionship, death, weddings and divorce, parenthood, family, facing darkness and overcoming fear. Some possible warning triggers include the off-page death of the father and the absent father, memory of the deception, trauma related to child parenting, and the baby’s stay in the NICU. In my opinion, the moral of this story is that even if you are struggling or heartbroken, at a certain point, you should try to live your life and find love again; or, in the words of Lear’s uncle, “there’s nothing wrong with being sad… but, at a certain point, you have to start dancing again.”

First of all, the concept of this book, a divorce attorney/wedding officer with a wedding planner, was unique and I was happy that there were some unexpected plot twists. Also, having previously read and enjoyed The fastest way to fall by Denise Williams, I was pleasantly surprised that the main characters, Britta and Wes, made frequent appearances in Do you take this man?.

Given the fact that RJ is a wedding officiant and Lear is a wedding planner, I anticipated that there would be a fair amount of weddings in this book, but there were even more weddings (and pre-wedding events) present in this book than I thought. expected. . On the one hand, if you like weddings and are a fan of movies like the wedding planner, this book will be your thing! However, if weddings aren’t your thing, the abundance of weddings, rehearsal dinners, and wedding planning in this book may be a turnoff.

It was a challenge to enter Do you take this man? with the middle of this book seeming to be quite repetitive as there was a constant cycle of weddings and secret hookups. Also, even though their relationship was torrid, RJ and Lear had a tendency to hang out after rehearsals in areas far removed from wedding venues, which seemed a bit creepy.

General, Do you take this man? It was passionate, romantic and unique! If you are a wedding enthusiast and a fan of Williams’ other romance novels, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Do you take this man?!

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After clashing, an event planner and a wedding officiant begin an enemies-for-benefits deal as wedding bells ring around them in the new romantic comedy from acclaimed author Denise Williams.

Divorce attorney RJ would never describe herself as romantic. But when she ends up officiating an unplanned wedding for a newly engaged couple in a park, her life is turned upside down. The video of the ceremony goes viral and she finds herself in the unlikely position of being a coveted local wedding officiant. Spending her free time supervising “I do’s” isn’t her most strategic career move, but she enjoys it, except for the Type A wedding planner she’s forced to work with.

Lear, a former manager of professional football events, is a people person, but after his girlfriend betrayed him, he’s not looking for love. He knows how to run events and likes to be in control, so working with a stubborn and unyielding officiant who can’t stand him isn’t high on his list. He’s never had a problem winning people over, but RJ seems immune to his charms.

Surrounded by love at all times, their physical attraction binds them together despite their best efforts to stay an arm’s length apart. Lear refuses to hurt himself again. RJ refuses to allow himself to be vulnerable to anyone. But when it comes to happily ever after, your customers may not be the only ones saying “I do.”

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